A moment of silence for Zoklet, it's gone for good now

Well, the plug has been pulled, mirrors were ripped, not everyone got the full backup, and it seems it's the end, an end of a long journey which started back in 2009 and continued well to this year. It was a decent place at start spoiled by the lack of leadership and direction and overrun by incompetence, but it was still a home after TOTSE.

I do mourn as do others, since it's a loss still, even though it was just a mud pit of degenerated assholes, it had some rare gems, and those rare gems were lost. I will blame myself for not sticking with totse.info but as we already discovered it was too late to do anything, after the migration we should have all worked outside of the old administration and setup communities. Instead of setting them up after Zoklet demise, this should have been done earlier, it could have saved countless users.

We lost so many that it’s hard to equate things, and mostly I was personally hurt with the loss of Zoklet, I know I had a lot of arguments with the Administration, I didn't like the direction it took and I wanted to change it but I knew that as long as it's running some of the community would be safe in some way.

There was hope I guess, I like being optimistic about things, even when the odds are against me, I do step up. I honestly want to just change everything around and setup TOTSE again and show it can be done but I know it's too late, the only way to salvage the community is to start a new spark, create a new temple and go back to the roots and hopefully pray that the light of knowledge and freedom reaches everywhere and people come back and start working towards better things and finally pay homage to TOTSE as we should have done long ago.

I know this sounds emotional but I did enjoy that place, and I did join in its last moments, just to show that I did care and I honestly wanted to save the community. I may have failed in many things but I do plan not to give up, even if it's just me taking the charge and working, I will do it, because it's something that I must do.

For generations my fellow Countrymen have been shit, haven't contributed anything and have been barbaric, I want to be the change, I want to prove that even though I live in a shithole, my passion for freedom and truth is the same as yours if not better.

So, although this is a sad day, let this be a start of the new era where we finally create a temple worthy of being part of.

Thanks for all the memories Zoklet and thanks to everyone who took part in Dfg Collage, I know you, and I remember you.

Rest in peace Zoklet.


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