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Web RTC Leaks

So, my buddy want to run some VMware machines and he is worried about the OS Fingerprint and Browser Fingerprint. I mean that's some shit that I usually don't bother with. But I know you guys are interested in keeping your dick outside of public eyes.

Here is what I know, Web RTC allows you to do peer to peer communication, it's support by FF, Chrome and Opera I think. It tends to leak your real IP to the network which makes it harder to bypass certain filter. It also leaks these things when you're using a VPN.

Meaning your real IP which you were hiding and faking your location is given away by Web RTC.

According to what I read Microsoft Edge that comes with Windows 10 doesn't have this issue since the support isn't built-in into it. I don't mind using it but come on, there must be a way to stop it.

Methods to stop it so far:

A) Install a firewall and block stuff.
B) Install a VPN that has Web RTC block support.
C) Use MS Edge

I am not sure what the status on web rtc is on linux but it can't be that good.

Creating Browser Fingerprints:

According the articles and stuff I read, you can create a unique browser signature by adding new fonts, changing time, shuffling add-ons, running some different things, any thing that will create a unique browser experience will make it's finger print.

So, in order to shuffle my browsers, I would either need to install different collection of FF Portable or setup clones of VM's that have different things. One is cost effective the other is NOT, considering how much space each VM takes.

So, my experts friends, got any ideas? Tried playing with things?


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