method gassing !??? how do I do it??

How do I bass my method after I've cooked it??


  • How do I gas instead of water pull?? Thanks enzo!!
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    I suggest water pulling over gassing as with gassing there is a lot more chance of loss if a mistake is made.

    First you have to produce said gas then dry the gas in a anhydrous (drying) container which then dries your gas then pumps through to said dry post rxn solvent.

    Any amount of h2o in this process leads to massive loss...

    I think it's something like 2 or 3 grams to 1 ml h2o... Now that's a lot of loss.

    But if you still feel like you need to gas this is what I suggest.

    You will need:
    An airtight container, some dry Epsom, some aquarium tubing and Sulfuric Acid & Salt

    Sulfuric Acid & Salt produces the least amount of h2o as a byproduct so I suggest using these ingredients. Make sure you have these pre rxn.

    Now I also suggest setting up your drying chamber pre rxn so we don't have to worry about that later.

    To do this we get the bottle used to generate your gas grab some aquarium tubing and out a hole in the lid of the bottle a little smaller than the tubing and squeeze that bitch in the hole for a tight for.

    This tubing leads to your airtight container with a nice layer of dry Epsom on the bottom then another tube leaves the other end of your airtight container and this tube is what you use for gassing your dry post rxn solvent.

    So now we have to put small amounts of Sulfuric Acid & Salt in "bottle 1" this generates the gas which gets pumped though the dry chamber.
    Which then leads to the tube your going to use to gas.
    Hold this tube just above post rxn solvent and it should pull it in and start "snowing" keep doing this until you see it stop snowing.

    Then just filter this and leave to dry some people do multiple pulls... But that's up to you.

    i also remember reading somewhere that some bee's have been using damp-rid instead of salt
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