Anyone tried using a drop or so of Naloxone(Norcan) in their meth shot?

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Qin my current he'll where I live, all of our methamphetamine comes from Mexico. And everything that comes from there has fentanyl in it. I've been using the little urine test strips and a drop or so of my shot mixed to a quarter of a cup of water, and everything comes positive!

So I was wondering, all you dabblers and IV meth use, has anybody considered trying or have tried throwing a little drop or two of naloxone in your shot. Naloxone does not affect any receptors in your brain that meth effects, so logically I'm thinking this could save lives.
Or is that just retarded? I don't know...


  • Hey..update..i tried it..
    A small amount of methamphetamine (.07 gram) that tested positive for fentanyl(test strips) was diluted in .2 ml of water(20 cents). Approx. .08 to .1 ml of nalaxone hcl with a concentration of .4mg/ml was added to methamphetamine solution(just a hair under 10 cents). The total solution after dissolution of crystalline methyl salts was .4ml.(came back 40 cents).the solution was injected into the arm of a famous methamerican engineer, and..
    Wow. I havent used in at least 36 hrs prior, so i felt lousy to begin with. Were all strung out on fentanyl, and dont even know it! The nalaxone only slightly exacerbated this feeling, being similar to going without meth for 3 or 4 days. Since i only do a gram of "meximethanyl" on a good day, im not too bad. With the opioid receptors blocked, the meth rush was INTENSE! I AM 8 MINUTES INTO THE BUZZ AND I CANT STOP GRITTING MY TEETH! My theory is that when i feel the "bums", or feel the naloxxone wearing off, i should start to feel the flu-ish-without-dope feeling, among with lethargy and hunger, at which point i will inject another .1 ml of naloxone. Mabye in 10 min. Cuz i feel it now a lil. Its 6:34. I did the shot at 6:20.
  • Its 9:30. Time for a quarter gram.. i cant believe it gunna give my buddy a shot..
  • Going to try smoking. Going to do a dual solvent recrystallization with all of them together and see how it smokes
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