"Tetra Trap" leftover GUPS and SnB

I was gifted sumof Leftovers after the Tetra Trap cleaning method, I was told it was only GUPS, Sodium Carbonate, TCE and toluene. I have let them dry for days now so im confident the toluene and TCE have evaporated as much as the will. NP anyway

I was wondering if I used an amount of the tetra leftovers in place of the PSE in a Snb in a F-Ex if that would work. I'm curious as to how much i could pull from them. In this story i want to experiment with one, and have a rainy day fund




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    For those interested, I ended up filtering fresh toluene through an amount of the GUPS/sodium carbonate on a filter in a funnel. I ran about 300ml then used the recovered NP as the fuel in another run. My line of thinking was there was no reason the salt the PSE out then add to a run, I chose to just leave the PSE in freebase form in the NP.. I ran into trouble on the reaction so what i got was maybe 10% MA. It worked
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