Where to buy bulk lemons and candy bars for cheap?

MegaKushMegaKush Regular
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The title says all. Don't ask why i need this stuff. Its business related. But where could i buy 12 packs of candy bars and lemons in bulk for cheap? thanks


  • KamuyKamuy Acolyte
    edited August 2010
    Wholesalers for the candy bars and a farmers market for the lemons, or someone with a lemon tree.
  • PigPig Regular
    edited August 2010
    You can get the latter from life.
  • brandonbrandon Regular
    edited August 2010
    i wood by oringes insted cus lemins r 2 sower belive me u will thank me l8er :o:o:o:o
  • MegaKushMegaKush Regular
    edited August 2010
    Nice idea, i could post an ad on Craigslist saying that i will pay them like 1 dollar per 10 lemons if i could harvest their lemon tree or something.

    Now heres a serious question:

    If the service was available, would you order a lemonade stand for your weddings, sporting events, church masses, etc?

    im going to start my own business like this hopefully, as long as my street stand kicks off today.
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