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This game looks awweeessooome.


Look up the vids on youtube.

It's block based, with huge worlds, you can make shit, yadda yadda. Read for yourself, I'm pressed for time as I am hungry haha.

I'm totally buying this after I figure out what's wrong with my damn computer.

Someone built the fucking Reichstag O.o


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    Oh, also. It's still in the Alpha phase. But still looks fucking fun. If you purchase it, you get the current alpha, the beta coming soon, and the full game- which will include Multiplayer, if it doesn't already( i have seen vids with multiple people)


    Recipes and other goodies, and info. :)

    It's like Legos(my favorite toy as a kid) except you can blow shit up if you make TnT. There is a video of a guy buliding a cannon. :)
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    It's a pretty cool game. I played it for a good hour and still need to learn what the items are for and stuff.

    Here's a really cool vid of it

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    Just started playing now! wee!
  • DfgDfg Admin
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    Played it, large maps tend to fuck my system :(.
  • PeoplePeople Acolyte
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    I imagine this game being our existence in 50 years.
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    Shit. Now I'm terribly addicted. I've been playing since I first posted. This is nuts.

    It's a good deviation from current crap that is just rehashes of everyother game.

    Something I feel is worth actually giving money to play. I believe it's only one guy who developed it.
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    It is. One dude called Notch, living in Sweden apparently.
    Here's a quick guide on getting into the game like a p/bro:
    1. Visit http://www.worldofminecraft.com/
    2. Register and download their client. Trust me. If you want to build shit like a bro, the browser will not do.
    3. Follow their instructions to download the appropriate resources. It's simple.
    4. Enjoy your speed and flying hacks. Use them to build awesome shit.
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    Oh jesus, Minecraft. My friend wont SHUT UP about this game, so it MUST be good. Ill check it out.
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    Yeah Minecraft ain't all that new, I remember playing it on Zoklet quite recently..

    Shit is pretty epic though :D

    And I have no idea why the guy on the front page says he has to add multiplayer as I 100% remember playing with other people on the Zoklet server.
  • DysgraphiaDysgraphia Locked
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    You were playing in classic.

    Alpha, from what I read, is single & multiplayer but only available to people that paid for it.

    It's being updated.
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    MC alpha is completely different from MC classic. In classic, you build shit, as opposed to Alpha, where you actually mine and craft shit in order to survive from monsters and such that appear at night time. I can link you all to an offline, pirated version of alpha if you like.

    EDIT: Did I mention you build forts? Fuck yeah, forts.
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