Pokemon Crystal on my phone

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I just installed this badass copy of Crystal onto my cell phone, and it works brilliantly. I think I'm about to waste a lot of time playing Pokemon now.

Check it out, if you're compatible - http://www.getjar.com/mobile/40341/meboy-compilation-for-sony-ericsson-c510/


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    To all fellow bros,
    If your phone has a decent processor, you can get it working.
    Simply get MEboy (Google for it). Read up on how to use ROMs with it, then download a GBA Rom of your choosing. I prefer the pokemon games or any card based games you can find.

    Remember, it's called MEboy.
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    Thanks for that post bro, good information!

    The framerate is a little laggy at certain parts of the games, which is a little bummer. Other than that, it all works great! And you can save :D
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