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Since this forum has had very little activity the last week(and yes I've been watching):

Let's play a little game. (This might be sticked and edited if decent results are gathered.)

A hunting game if you will.

What would you use to kill your applicable species in your area? The weapon, tactics, and landscape?

For me, I'm pretty limited. I came back from the current war of hunting people, to the state of Illinois which is pretty much Cali without the pistolgrip law. END! . You can't hunt deer with rifles, which is :facepalm: but varmint I can. I can hunt deer, but with a shotgun/stand but it isn't my style. If I'm going to hunt, I would rather stalk the jerk, than have it 2 yrds under me and shoot it point blank. Seems cheap, but that is my own.

My dad is getting up in age, but now takes care of the 1,000(give or take) acres his dad used to own, so I go out there and hunt coyote and rabbit. There are still pure bred horses and a few cattle there, so I feel justified killing the coyotes, the rabbits' I typically skin and toss in to a stew that my girlfriend loves..... Until I tell her what the meat/broth is XD.

I might hunt dear this year in Missouri with my fathers cousin this year, because I can use a rifle. He wants me to teach him to stalk, prey, and get a clean shot with a Rem700, and I'll be using a blocked magazine(5 round per law) AR rifle. So this should be interesting. (I will use the AR platform as I was SDM out to 900yr), but I should be able to get him on target, a few weeks of range work will sort out any discrepancies.

The point of this thread? Post your G-D hunting tactics and/or methods. Region/target would obviously help :hai:
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