a very simple snack for people who are to lazy to go to the store or R on a budget

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i came across this one just the other day while at my friends house. you see he likes fast food and doesn't keep a whole lot of stuff stocked at his crib so i had to make due with what he had because i don't eat fast food.

step 1: get two slices of bread (i used wheat)

step 2: get two slices of cheese (i used american)

step 3: place the slices of cheese on the bread and place in the toaster until cheese looks soft/melted and bread looks slightly burnt around the edges (a slight burn is preferable because it adds to the texture later ;))

step 4: now for the fun part, add pace hot sauce to one slice (i used a liberal amount) and cover it with the other slice of cheese bread (all he had was chunky pace, feel free to experiment)

step 5: enjoy this "masterpiece" of cooking on a budget.

step 6 (optional): follow this up with a couple scoops of strawberry ice cream (i know i was shocked he had it too) and you won't forget it

note: it should be eaten quickly to enjoy it's full effects. the warm cheese and bread with the cold pace hot sauce is absolutely delightful. the multiple textures only add to the experience, the crunchy bread, melted cheese, and chunky sauce is out of this world.

my friend was completely repulsed, but that's only because he doesn't broaden his horizons like normal human beings do. therefore he sat around complaining about not having any money to go get something to eat and that he doesn't have anything (which you and i know to be completely untrue) while i'm sitting pretty in the kitchen with a tasty snack in front of me.

i call it the mexican american sloppy jo (ala mode if you have some ice cream) :eek:
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