all you have is crackers, peanut butter, and marshmallows? no problemo!

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easy easy easy! tasty tasty tasty!

step 1: get about six crackers (saltines) or any number as long as it's even (6 crackers makes 3 snacks).

step 2: spread a moderate amount of PB on each cracker. don't use too much because it makes a terrible mess later on on. ;)

step 3: place four or five marshmallows on half of the PB crackers. use the other half to cover them up making a sandwich type deal.

step 4: place them in the toaster. i recommend watching them because it's easy to mess up. when the PB starts to melt and the marshmallows start turning a little brown turn the heat off and let them sit for a little longer. (use your own discretion, i like the PB melted and the marshmallows toasted but still holding their shape alright). don't let the PB drip in the toaster too much unless you like cleaning...

step 5: get a big glass of milk and enjoy! :D

i can't count how many times i've made these little snacks.

i call them summer smores :eek:


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    :thumbsup: Fucking yes!

    You can crazy amount of diff. snacks with crackers.

    I have to try this one. I usually go with pb&J cracker whiches.

    but the list is endless.
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    Nice, a relative of smores, but not so sweet, I am going to try this sometime, maybe with a slice of banana thrown in. And yeah, this would definitely need to be watched closely, especially if the toaster oven is small and the top cracker near the top element.
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    lol @BHD. That's what I do when there's nothing in the kitchen. Sometimes I regurgitate the crackers into this big blog and use it as a substitute when I runout of PB&J.

    PB&J + Ritz = :fap:

    Will have to try OP's suggestion.
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