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Ssgt Giunta was awarded the Medal of Honor, and as I hear will receive the ceremony Tuesday.

First American trooper since Vietnam that received it and lived. All other were posthumously.

Read the accounts. I'm glad it was a Paratrooper, even out of my division. But if the accounts are correct and he shot two tallies when when they were dragging their mortally wounded pointman away I don't know if that is MOH material. I hope the story is missing something.

I was over in the shit. And the last MOH(posthumously) soldier that I remember was up in the mountains in a severe firefight and saving two troopers while drawing fire to himself. And ended up eating a grenade.

I applaud Giunta, he chased after his friends captors. Eliminating them, even though the captee died later, he persued and shot each of them. One was killed and the other fled with a wound.

I think he was 137th Airborne.

I speak for the 82nd in saying "HOOAH! MOTHER FUCKER!"


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