Gd'ole AR

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I have a chance to get non-century built one for 800ish. USD of course.

But this is more circumstantial. I've been looking to build an AR to the SDMR I carried in the AFGHAN mountains, which I love in a very sexual way. But I would love to have a .308. Mine was unfortunately a .223(although I managed up to 800m with it)

I LOOOooOOove the M1a1, but I'm not going to give springfield a fucking 2k. I usually don't bitch about .Mil Spec, but when you're talking about rounds of K's it seems to be important.

I love the M14, but not willing to spend nearly 2k for one the way I want(I don't like plastic on a real rifle) And new springers are NOT spec on the receivers. I don't care about forged/milled/stamped, but Spingfield has gotten very loose with tolerances.

I love the Garand action, and I wish the Nornico M14's were not still banned. They were better than springfields at the time.

Screw it. I wish I had the money for a .308 battle rifle, but in reality I don't. I can buy a FAL, but I'll never be happy with it.

The Ar. Interchangeable rounds(really want an AR10) and open options. I can build the rifle which my was SDMR in AFghan and have fun. I'm not out to kill people any more. I'm out to kill pop cans and evil mellons! Gar!


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    I will settle on the AR15, and just you wait... Build an AR18(.308) version by april.

    The platform was designed to fire the .308 as it is.

    HOWEVER. I would trade every gun I have for a SCAR-H. No ACR-BS here. SCAR-H. GImme!Gimme!Gimme!
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    Got any in action/in theater pics of your SDMR?
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    The AR is a great rifle. I hope to get one as soon as I can afford it.
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    Got any in action/in theater pics of your SDMR?

    I'm sure my Corporal does. We stayed pretty close throughout out enlistment terms. He was always flashing a camera.

    They wouldn't be action photo's, but he surely has a few of me in theater with the rifle.

    It wasn't anything grand though. As Army Airborne, early as we were in the war we didn't get the M14. I got an SDM M16-A4, big ass 24" barrel, free floated, Trijicon optic, NIIIICCEE two stage trigger, and a harris bi-pod. And of course my own batch of match ammo. Don't remember the twist on the barrel or grain weight on the rounds. But the rifle shot like shit using typical USGI ammo, and like a dream out to 800m with the match shit.

    It was no .308 though. Which has trade offs. Lack of range and power when using the 5.56, and much faster follow up shots with it due to lack of recoil.

    As I said. I wish I was late enough in the game to be handed a SCAR-H. Seems like an excellent platform. And for being a .308 platform, doesn't hardly weight anything more than our M4's. FN makes great products if you can afford them. They made most of our M4's.
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