Women are worse than paedophiles

NegrophobeNegrophobe Regular
edited December 2010 in Spurious Generalities
I don't blame homosexuals and paedophiles for their life choices, I would rather spend my time with them than women.

No, seriously, hear me out guys. The vast majority of pedophiles are quiet, lonely, misunderstood and intelligent individuals who keep to themselves. Many do not even act on their perversion as me and Jim pointed out in an old thread about paedophilia in the inhumane condition on zoklet (the thread is archived), but merely fantasize about it. In contrast, the average woman is immodest, immoral, and so promiscuous as to make the most wretched whore of past centuries seem like a saintly paragon of virtue; they are ignorant, inferior, and utterly incapable of carrying on a meaningful conversation; and as I've proven throughout different threads in this thread they are shallow (less than shallow as neitzsche put it) and care only about the size of your bank account; they are manipulative, cunning, and greedy, and view all relationships as a means of gaining money/power. They are frigid and passionless, also they are hateful sociopaths who enjoy ruining good mens lives.


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