Man slams SUV into strip club
MADISON (WKOW) -- Police arrested a man from Racine after he slammed his SUV into Visions Night Club.

Officers say 50-year-old Keith Rasmussen was asked to leave the club after vomiting in the VIP area. After that, witnesses told police Rasmussen got into his SUV, put it in reverse and slammed into the club's entrance. Police say the entrance has significant damage.

The witness says Rasmussen nearly hit him and another woman.

Police say Rasmussen drove over the curb onto E. Washington Avenue and pulled into a parking lot nearby.

When police pulled up to Rasmussen's vehicle, an officer asked him how he was doing. Rasmussen replied, "Not good," but he had "seen some nice strippers."

Rasmussen denied driving the SUV and claimed he arrived at the location thanks to help from "Martians."

I wish I could have martians help me get to the bar. :D
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