On Meditation and Life by Quorum

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It is ok we suggest meditation each day for 33 mins, if possible we also suggest people spin as this also accelerates the rotation of orbit of electron which in turn raises vibration rate of atomic hololistic structure.

We would also advise that you check into diet as understand many chemicals that are used within todays modern world affect both your thoughts and your emotions we would also suggest you do not get exposed to long to em wave generating devices we are aware this is extremely hard to do we would suggest however that silk is a good counter measure and is why that monks and other cultures like to wear silk their is a property in it because of way in which the silk in woven the geometric pattern it creates acts as a filter.

But we would advise all souls do this look within yourself during your meditations look back through time to events that you have experiences which are holding you back to those moments of pain and see them in a new light use what knowledge you have learned now to see how you grew from those events, just as one must stress muscles in order to develop them ones stress in life creates strength within as well, see all as lessons and look for the learning within them from this you will become much more at peace and forgive those who have done transgressions against you for see that they do not know what they do and that you have the choice in how you interpet such events.

Remember we have told you all before that consciousness flows through the illusion of time we will give you a analogy to understand it better, raindrops on a flowing river.

Past future and present are connected to the current moment the moment affects them all begin to see your omipresent status and live and heal your multidimensional self and by doing so join the angels in the heavens as your rightful place as a cosmic logos.

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