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If you would like to share your bookmarked art tutorials, tips and tricks feel free to post them here and I'll add it to the list!

Habanero's Basic Astrophotography Tutorial Part I: Choosing Your Equipment (

Character drawing tips
Strike a Pose (Infographic)
Free Flow Style Sketching
Free Flow Style Sketching Tutorial

Definitive guide to silkscreening

Craft and DIY
Childrens crafts
Plush toy/patternmaking
Dream catcher


Graffiti and Street Art
Stencilling forum (
Graffiti forum (
Online graffiti tools and techniques book
How to make and separate layered stencils with Gimp and Photoshop
How to make stickers from post labels
How to make a super drippy marker
How to make a homemade marker
How to cook wheatpaste
How to make a three sided key to remove advertising

Design inspiration and tutorials (
Design and web-development tutorials (
Tutorials for Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and more (
Video tutorials for Adobe Creative Suite (
User generated tutorials (
Photoshop and Gimp tutorial browser (
After Effects tutorials, plugins and presets (
Free Photoshop tutorials, fonts, and graphics (
Exclusive tutorials and tutorial source files (
Photoshop tutorials, Flash tutorials and more! (
Photoshop tutorials, freebies and tips (
Doing it Roy Lichtenstein style in Photoshop and Illustrator
Official Adobe Creative Suite tutorials ( Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop tutorials, brushes, plugins and resources (
Photoshop tutorial videos (
A collection of the best tutorials and tips for Photoshop on DeviantArt
Photoshop shortcut keys for PC
Creating .gif animations in Photoshop CS3+
Photoshop CS5 tutorials from 2010
How to make Porn thats SFW :D
Useful Adobe Photoshop Techniques, Tutorials and Tools
15 Fresh and Useful Photoshop Tutorials
20 Photoshop 3D tutorials
20 Useful Photoshop Tutorials
25 Awesome Websites For High Quality Photoshop Tutorials
30 Useful Abstract Photoshop Design Tutorials
33 Creative Photoshop Tutorials Text Effects for Beginners and Advanced
34 Photoshop Tutorials That Will Get You Laid
35 Amazing Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials
35 Fresh and Useful Photoshop Tutorials
40 Best And Highly Useful Websites For Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
40 Superb Photoshop Tutorials For Attractive Photo Effects
40 Handy Photoshop Custom Shape Sets
40 Real Time Saver Photoshop Actions
40 Must See Sites For Photoshop Users
40 Outstanding Photo Manipulation Tutorials
60 Best Websites For Awesome Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
60 Excellent Gadget Photoshop and Illustrator Tutorials
100 Photo Effects

A free to Download alternative to Photoshop (
Official Gimp Tutorials
Gimp Add-ons
Gimp tutorials, web design, art and writing (
Gimp tutorials on effects, manipulation, icons, textures and much more (
Gimp Shortcut Keys

Maya, 3D Max, Houdini, and C++. Forums (

Official Blender tutorials (
Official Blender modeling tutorials
Blender tutorials (
Blender tutorials (
Directory of computer graphics tutorials for various programs (
Free tutorials for Blender and more
Converters for blender
Various Converters
Blender Image Converters/Editors
Blender Related


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