My 3 main music groups

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rock - of course who doesn't listen to rock!? i like all kinds from heavy metal to classic, to mellow. i'm listening to disturbed as i type this in fact. i like rock. :cool:

techno - this shit is the bee's knees. i get hyped every time i hear it, it can be rather annoying at times, but very useful at others. techno forever. :D

rap/hip-hop - what's not to like? money, cars, clothes, hoes, drugs, violence... this is mostly what i listen to because a) i like it b) my friends like it and c) it's everywhere. rap is cool. :)

i avoid country "music" like... well i can't compare anything to how much i dislike country. i suppose a vampire and daylight is a good one because it involves death. :mad: i think it's from years of being force fed this shit by my mom when i was growing up. i swear if i hear one more motherfucker bitching and moaning about how his girl left with his dog while he was out mowing the lawn on his tractor i'm going to throw my fecal matter on the stereo it's coming from (after i change the channel).

that is all


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    I tend to listen to older rock/metal/heavy metal. I can't listen to the newer stuff for too long as it gives me a headache though.
    I also like listening to techno, I also like listening to video game remixes (primarily Mario games) which are generally techno along with a little rock thrown in.
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    '60s-'70s rock (Beatles, Queen, Ben E. King, Diana Ross & Supremes, etc.) and assorted music of the era for house-cleaning, sunny drives, and cheery moods.

    Trance, hardcore, hardstyle, or dubstep for playing Typeracer, pleasant background beat, and getting high.

    Grateful Dead for getting high.

    Classical for deliberately evoking moods. Shostakovich is nice.

    8-bit for pure inexplicable awesomeness.

    Half the time I just put random stuff into Pandora so I don't know what I'm listening to.
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