So this guy on Alaska State Troopers...

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...just pissed his pants during his sobriety test and denied it despite the wetness traveling down his pants. D:

Tell me some crazy shit you seen on some Cops or World's Wildest, man.
Or in real life.
Once, my fiancee and myself were driving in a lil po-dunk town called Lake Butler. he's drunk, I'm drunk, we're coming home at 2 in the morning, and me, being the sensible one, tells him he's being a shitty driver and there's someone behind us who's awful close; in case it's a cop, we should pull over and switch out. So we pull over. The fat bitch turns his lights on and we see that of course, it IS a cop. My fiancee stumbles outta our car, slurs "I swear, I'm just really tired. I'm sorry. I'll take a blow test if you want", "A what?" "Y'know, a blow test, man..." The bluff seems to have worked; he gets put in the back of the cop car. I take our weed outta my purse and stuff it into the little pocket of my pants, and put my foot over the pipe on the floor as the guy's coming back over to my car with a quickness. He shines the light in my window, all over the car, asks me if I'm able to drive home, and sends me on my way.

We got off with a reckless driving charge. Cops are fucking stupid. :thumbsup:


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