for all of you who workout!

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i know most people have a post-workout protein shake (if you don't you're fucking up). this is what i do to mine everyday to soup it up and so that it actually tastes good.

first off i use cytogainer or truemass both in the chocolate flavor.

you will need a blender for this as well, no, shaker cups don't work :(

1. put the proper amount of protein powder in the blender (it says on the canister)
2. put a large table spoon of peanut butter in there (i use quite a bit)
3. put milk/water (whatever you're using) in to the desired level (i use milk) it's important to add the liquid at this stage so it doesn't get hard to determine how much is actually in there cause of the other stuff. (again i use quite a bit)
4. add one banana
5. add one or two eggs (raw not cooked dummy, i use two whenever i can they have no taste like water)
6. blend it all up!

that's it. pretty simple eh?

a couple of notes: try to get rid of the bubbles or else you might get some gas. when it gets down low and there are bubbles just add some water and swirl it around.

you should drink this within 30-45 minutes of working out for your muscles to absorb as much as possible.

this is overloading a lot of people's ability to digest protein (about 40-60g's per meal). this is not a bad thing, because a) you will be ensuring that you get as much as your body can handle and b) you are teaching your body to use more nutrients to repair itself after activities.

this is not a meal replacement. nothing man made can even come close to what real food (not fast food or processed food) can do for you. these are merely for breakfast (sometimes) and post-workout when your body is starving and needs fuel quickly.
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