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Post car shopping techniques and information here.

It's actually amazing just how many people leave their cars unlocked at night, especially if they think they're living in a "safe area". More often than not, people are so ignorant of the fact that crime happens no matter where you live that they actually believe that they are at no risk by leaving their car unlocked.

This is a car shoppers wet dream, because it allows for quick and easy access to vehicles without having to cause a mess, break a window or pop a door. From there, the criminal is able to rummage around in the glove compartments for spare change, electronics, CDs or anything else of value.
How to perform car shopping safely

General Tips
  • Head out late at night. This gives you a good amount of time to go around searching for cars to steal from, with minimum risk of being spotted.
  • Plan your routes if possible, just like in Night Ops. This will keep the operation simple, and you will know exactly where you are headed. It also helps if you ever need to escape.
  • Don't hang around - Get in and get out in minimal time. This decreases your chances of being caught, for obvious reasons.
  • Be wary of interior lights - Most cars will have a light come on when you open up the door. You may wish to turn this off before you start shopping, although it will help you see what you're looking for.
  • Look as if you're MEANT to be there - If someone walks by, act as if you're meant to be in the car. You're the driver, and you own the car. Passers by won't know any different.
  • Only steal as much as you can carry - If you take too much shit, where are you going to put it all? It's going to slow you down, and be a hassle.

  • Wear dark clothing - Blend in with the shadows. Night Ops rules apply here, so wear the correct shades for the situation.
  • Cover your hair and face if necessary - While a balaclava might seem a little OTT, it does the job perfectly. This is mainly a precautionary piece of advice in case you're caught on camera, so that you will be much harder to track down. Keep in mind that wearing this clothing will ruin your opportunities of pretending to own the car when someone walks past.
  • Wear gloves - Don't risk leaving prints all over the car.
  • Comfortable footwear - Keep it comfortable, and make sure you can run in it easily. Just in case!

Smashing Windows

Smashing a window doesn't take much time or effort, and it actually doesn't make too much of a noise providing you do it with one swift movement. Just beware of alarms.



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    If you bring a flashlight, make sure you put a blue gel over it so the light isn't as prominent, yet still illuminates.
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    If you bring a flashlight, make sure you put a blue gel over it so the light isn't as prominent, yet still illuminates.

    Something else to mention regarding flashlights - red light doesn't mess with your natural night vision like white light does so you could look into getting a red lens for your flashlight. This will help you maintain your vision after you've used your light.
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