Counterfeit K2

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I'm crossposting stuff from Zoklet for a while to help traffic :thumbsup:

I've been buying various herbal blends at Puff 'n' Stuff lately because I lost my only connection and I'm not the sort of person who knows how to get shit from strangers.

I'd had K2 Summit from this place, and found it decent. The other day I went in and they had a large bag of it, about 6x4 inches. The label claims "3 Grams". Head shop guy said it's actually an ounce or something. It was $159.99 before tax which works out to a pretty decent price considering what the little bags cost. I just got paid so I bought it, took it home, burned, good stuff. While burning I researched K2 to see what I could find out about it, and one of the first things I find is that most K2 is fake.

These and various other web pages and news articles list certain states of suspicion as well as manufacturing red flags. I've read that one especial indicator is manufacture in Peru or Cameroon. Mine says "MANUFACTURED IN PERU". :(

It also does not list all supposed ingredients of real K2:
This incense package contains a proprietary blend of herbal and synthetic extracts including: Canavalia rosea, Clematis vitalba, Nelumbo nucifera, & Ledum palustre."



Net Weight: 3 grams

MANUFACTURED IN PERU <-- real ingredients

I submitted a report at

Yeah, I snitched. I just paid $160 for fake shit I don't even know what's in it. So, yeah, I snitched. Fuck 'em.

The people I reported to replied and said they're sending me a bag of real K2 Ultra. Sweet. Also said something about how those morons are getting sued.

I've read a bunch of sensationalist news articles about how fake K2 can have "illegal Schedule I substances" such as HU-210. I don't really give half a shit if it's illegal, I just want to know if it's harmful, but I can't find much online about its effects, though I guess that's expected of research chemicals.

Anyone know anything I should know?



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    good shit, i tried this stuff called "Lux" the other day. i've had k2 before and i found this other stuff to be a little superior personally.

    considering i'm getting of probation this very week i don't give a care anymore...

    still i was unaware of this counterfeit business and i will pass the word on to my less fortunate friends.
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    What proof of purchase did you have to send them?
  • JackJack Regular
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    Nothing, I just described the package in the report.
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    Headaches galor. Tend to stick to the herb.

    Cross posting? Let's see some real content. That's how it should be.
  • BodilYFluidSBodilYFluidS Regular
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    chill out man, this was a good post.
  • fr0st_Bytefr0st_Byte Sumpin' c00L
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    ate wrote: »
    Headaches galor. Tend to stick to the herb.

    Cross posting? Let's see some real content. That's how it should be.

    That was content. After reveiwing your posts it's more content than I've seen from you. Don't be negative when someone is trying to build this place up and provide some substance.
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    Well shit. I just smoked K3 summit, not mine though, I didn't pay. Now I realize this is about K2 specifically, but (I've personally only bought K2 standard and ultra) I've seen many other brands of synthetics that aren't sold as a K2 product. Specifically, a few friends have bought a damiana container that was called "Posh". Any info on that man?
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    I havent tried any jwh product yet, though I do not mind my herb.

    And conterfeit K2 sounds like such a rip off.
  • TurkishDelightTurkishDelight Acolyte
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    I tried some the other day that I dunno if it was legit or not, however, 3/4 of the way through a J I gagged and threw up so I said no to that shit.
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    Counterfeit? I'm sure its still sprayed in JWH-018/Various synthetic cannabinoids.
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    Jack wrote: »
    Nothing, I just described the package in the report.

    K2 knows how to do business.
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