How to get high off of very little weed.

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This advice will be pretty useless to you if you smoke a lot of weed, more than 3 doobs a day, every day, is what I would consider 'a lot'. I like my grass, but I only smoke about one good bong load a day, 3 or 4 good hoots. I sure as shit need those hoots though, my after work hoot, a couple to enjoy some games or movies after dinner, and the bed time bong hit. No, weed is not as addictive as a lot of drugs, but if you use it for long enough, it is annoying and unpleasant to be dry. So I hate running out, and have come up with a few ways to get the most out of whatever I have left when it becomes clear that the supply is running down, and will not be refreshed for a while.

Lets say you have about a gram left, and without divine intervention you won't see anymore for a week. The first way to conserve is to do small single hits through a pipe, and hold each toke for as long as you can. Use a good clean screen, and just enough weed to get one lungfull of smoke, this is less than you would expect. If you exhale a big cloud of smoke, you are using too much, dial it down till you can feel it in your throat, but after holding it for 30 seconds or so, you hardly exhale anything. Hopefully one or two of these is enough to do the job, if your tolerance is high, this might not work for you.

A better way is to 'hotknife' it, this simulates the action of a vaporizer, meaning the cannabidols are heated to the point of vaporization, but nothing is oxidized through combustion. To prepare your weed for this, make sure your buds are a little bit damp, if they are really dry, leave them overnight with a tiny bit of apple in the bag. Take the buds and squish them flat under a book, fold over any straggly edges, and squish them again. Then take a razor and cut the pressed weed into little cubes, each about the size of a match head. Put a couple on a saucer, and put the rest away in something airtight.

The best way to heat up the knives is with a butane torch, if you have one handy read on, I'm sure you can figure out what to do.

Find a couple of table knives no one will miss, they will look fucked up after this. Turn on the largest element on your stove to high, this assumes you have the most common type of stove with 'coil' elements, if you have a gas stove, I'm sure you can figure out what to do after reading the rest, if you have a flat top stove with the burners hidden, or an induction stove, sorry, at least you have a nice stove. Take the two knives and put the tips between the coils so they stay hanging with their own weight, _/_, with the slash being the knife, and the underscores being the burner coil.

Let the tips of the knives become red hot, if you can still see that it is glowing red a bit when you take it out, it is hot enough. Take one knife and touch the flat side about 1cm below the tip(where it is hottest from contacting the burner)to one of the weed nuggets(exhale fully while you do this), it will stick, put the tip near your mouth and sandwich the weed between the two hot knife tips and press them together while inhaling. You will be surprised at the amount of smoke that comes off such a small piece of weed, and oh man is it harsh, unless you are a serious iron lung, expect to choke a bit.

This is more easily done with two people, one uses the knives, one sucks up the smoke through a plastic bottle with the end cut off.
Be quick about it, if the hunk of weed does not stick on the first couple of tries, rub the knife tips on the burner a bit to clean them and put them back to heat up. The last thing you want to do is 'cold toke', if the knives are not hot enough it is amazingly harsh, and I have seen people cough till they puked.

I hope this helps you get through some dry times with a smile on your face.

"one hour to describe something I could show someone in 30 seconds"


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    Haha I know that end line so well ;) takes forever to describe. I have never tried the hot knives method but glad you have mentioned the bit about the cut-off bottle as that's the clincher :thumbsup: very useful guide.
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    Lol, you actually put hot knives directly to your mouth and inhale the smoke right off them? hardcore man.

    i always used a cut 2 liter but i know plastic is bad with smoke.

    also smoking weed out of a crack pipe (glass tube w/ screen shoved down it) will allow u to smoke small amounts and burn every last bit. builds up butane residue tho.
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    MegaKush wrote: »
    Lol, you actually put hot knives directly to your mouth and inhale the smoke right off them? hardcore man.

    Heh, I burned myself pretty good once too, not long after I was shown how to do it, a nice one across both lips. I was holding the knives in front of my mouth instead of tilting my head and holding them below it. The knives slipped as I was pressing them together, and the one I was pressing towards me got me right in the kisser. I went home and told the most outrageous lie about kissing a lit bunsen burner on a dare in chemistry class, my hippie mom didn't call me on it then, but a few years later we had a good laugh about it.
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    The hot knives thing is how we used to smoke our hash in the 70's. That is a great way to conserve cannabis.
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    Nice post C/O. I'm sure it would be a good way to save weed if I had a torch to heat the knives with every time. I know I don't have the patience to wait on them to heat by stove every time. I will definitely be giving it a try though, bong rips and geebs are getting old.
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    ^ Just use one of these...


    You can get one at Home Depot

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