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Most of us have Android/iOS phones. We don't really have an app list.

So why don't we suggest some apps to each other? Limit yourself to 5 per post (or less), to give others a chance to contribute.

>AndChat - IRC client.

>Calculator++ - Advanced Calculator App

>Blackmarket Alpha - An unofficial App store. Enough said.

>tTorrent Pro - torrent downloader

>The Game of Life - A 0-player game.


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    There should be a guide or something for creating andriod or IOS apps man.
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    Dfg wrote: »
    There should be a guide or something for creating andriod or IOS apps man.

    There are plenty of guides online. Android apps use Java I think, so have fun learning that.

    >Logos Quiz - Fun game where you guess logos. There are a LOT so you'll be having fun for a while.
    Logos Quiz

    >History Eraser - A lot like CCleaner, but for an Android phone. Very useful in freeing up some space.
    History Eraser

    >DropBox - Sync your files between desktops and your mobile device!

    >Drocap - This app needs root, but will allow you to take screenshots of your Android device. Very useful!

    Also what happened to QR codes being on the pages for apps? I swear the Google Market used to have QR codes on... :(
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    The Startup that started it went down and moved on to another project.
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    > [URL=""]AnkiDroid[/URL] - Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program. Uses th SM2 algorithm.
    > PocketCasts - The best podcast client for android. Tried them all - This is the best.
    > ElectroDroid - electronics calculator, colour codes, Pin_out diagrams, uC diagrams, characteristic tables.
    > Mimi - 4chan reader.
    > uTorrent - uTorrent for Android. Still in beta; works fine.
    > UrbanSpoon - A nice restaurant/review/discovery app.
    > xbmc-remote - If you use xbmc this is the remoe you want.
    > Tunein Radio - internt radio - This is how i listen to Auntie beeb.
    > Addi - A Matlab emulator thing.
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    My phone is so dumb it asks me for the time.
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    My phone is so dumb it asks me for the time.

    My phone is so new and high tech, it does everything... except make phone calls.

    Anyway, my list for iOS:

    The Simpsons: Tapped Out! - I love this game. I find it highly addictive. I suppose you could say it's "farmville-esque" but screw it, I find it fun and I like collecting things on it.

    Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ($$$) Although this app costs, it's great to have this game handy! A superb classic, ready to play at your finger tips!

    Chrome Chrome! Everyone knows Google Chrome, and now you can have it on your phone, instead of using Safari. Better and faster way to surf the web.

    Light A simple light to use on your phone so you can see shit in the dark.

    Whatsapp ($$$) A very cheap app that lets you send free messages to one another. Simple.

    That's all for now. If I find anymore, I'll post.
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    Some great entries here. I've just got a new phone myself and it's just opened up a new world of possibilities.

    [URL="[url][/url"]Strava Run[/URL]: This app is amazing as it records the Calories, Average Pace, Moving time, Distance and Elevation of your run. It records your route, and also breaks information down kilometer by kilometer. Really awesome, if your running any distance then this is an absolute must. You just put it in an running armband (which only costs a couple of quid) and off you go! You can also get a cycling one called Strava cycling which does the same thing.

    Mobile Metronome: Just an ordinary Metronome, but very good nonetheless. One of the features is that you can change the metronome sounds: electronic beat, cowbell, wooden clave, and the classic metronome sound.

    GTA III: An amazing game, and it's amazing how they integrate the touch controls into the game. A must.

    LT Free: This is a London transport app and it is absolutely amazing and in my opinion one of the best apps on the market. It presents to you the ordinary Google map, with every bus station, underground, DLR and overground station in London. In each of those, it tells you real time information what trains and buses arrive at the station, where they go, how long until they get to the stop you have selected, etc It also has a journey planner on it, the same journey planner on the London Transport website so it is very very good and of course having the advantage of being portable so you can go to anywhere you want on the fly like I have done. If you live in London, you need
    to get this.

    Polaris Office: Absolutely great, and it integrates with Microsoft Office. I use this to take notes in uni lectures; it does all you need and is very easy to use.

    If I may Slartibartfast, may I combine these suggestions in a table/list? :)
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    If I may Slartibartfast, may I combine these suggestions in a table/list? :)

    PVSTAR+ - lets you create youtube playlists and lock the screen or put it in the background while playing. The youtube app won't let you do this, probably for piracy reason.
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