Happy New Year, We Survived Another Year

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A lot went down this year, we have been through some tough times, lost some people, gained some new ones but in the end we kept going on. I know you haven't seen any major change in the past few months that's because almost all of us are currently engaged in LIFE, this place is still a hub where we band together and do some weird stuff but regardless of what happens, it's still the core we all circle around. No matter where we are, we're all connected in one way or another. So, this new year we will try to revive the old spirit and actually bring some much needed change.

For some reason I am lost with words today, I guess the long session with my mum didn't help at all. Sort of drained but that's life and it goes on. The future of this place is still bright, it might not become the biggest hub on the Internet but I am quite content if it remains a meeting place for all the current members. I want it to be something we can trust, communicate with others using it and most of all, I want it to be a hub for people working on projects. I am in Uni, doing my Media Studies and time is something I rarely have enough off but I will pledge some real time to totseans in 2013. We're all chilling right now, we have some simple planes which you will see in Jan 2013.

But I would love to have a hangout with my mates today on Skype or Google hangout or even Tinychat.

Also, I will be watching the fireworks here: http://new.livestream.com/newyearseve/nye2013

Happy New Year Totseans, you guys complete my life.


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