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Version 1 of this guide - subsequent versions will be released covering other popular drugs

Using drugs is one thing, but using them safely is a must - and another ball park.Many people take drugs for the fun, and it's understandable why. Depending on the substance, your chemical of choice will have an effect on your consciousness and interpretation of the world. New ideas, new physical boundaries and just new experiences are all products of recreational (and some legitimate) drug use. Us Humans will take drugs regardless of laws, and prohibition makes a safe practice hard pratice to achieve.

Drug impurities, social stigma of addiction and just the drug scene in general are all issues which impede a users' ability to experience the intended purpose of the drug, either for recreation or medical use.

I have to say that this guide is not, I repeat not a guide to how to take drugs and I am certainly not trying to glorify them in any way. In fact, this guide should show you that the margin for error is quite high - no pun intended, and with the brief mention of addiction from my personal point of view should be enough to stop any teens reading this and wanting to experiment. However I assume you already have the drugs and you found this guide, feel free to have a nose around and check to see if you can save yourself or your friends some hassle.

The topic of addiction is covered and is nothing to be scoffed at. You do not want to fuck up your developing brain (up to the age of at least 22), as you will never forget and always regret the day you went that step too far. The scowling face and impatience of those who do not see addiction as a problem that must be addressed, or the misunderstandings of the masses where drugs are clumped into one, and urban legends breed on an unprecedented scale.

Plenty of information exists online about harm reduction and how to take drugs safely, which will be linked to in this guide, as well as personal information that I have learnt over the years and some common sense reiterations.

"But how do you take drugs safely?" I hear you or a concerned Parent asking. How do you know what's in that pill?, or "How much weed should you smoke on your first time?"

These are all questions I have heard asked at raves, beach parties, on the internet and from friends. Some tips are well known, and others - unfortunately, are not.
This guide is designed to put an end to that, and hopefully save a life or two in the process. If this guide can educate somebody who will pass the information on, it's job is done and I can worry that bit less (People have frequently said I carry the world on my shoulders and funnily enough I am actually editing this in Hospital, which goes to show how dedicated I am to your safety).
As a regular recreational drug user and an Opiate/Opioid addict, I feel embarrassed when I hear tales of teenagers taking mushrooms and seeing "pink elephants", or taking a load of pills and smoking so much weed that they puke up.

It's these experiences that get more media attention than the positive ones. Just like Bill Hicks said "you never hear of a positive drug story on the news". Why?
Because it generates a lot less interest and can get the media body in hot water for possibly encouraging recreational drug use.

Now, I have not taken every drug and a few of them I can't touch due to serotonin imbalances so that rules out MDMA (Ecstasy). I'd rather be honest with you, but this guide is not necessarily about the effects of the drug on your body - rather how to consume it safely and get a positive experience from it. One that will stay with you, and give you something to look back on with fond memories in years to come - because if done right, most drugs do have the potential to change your life for the better.
Unfortunately, most people hear the negative stories, hearsay from friends, scare stories from Parents and Teachers, and misinformation online.

A but about me
Like I said, I have never taken MDMA, but have done almost every other drug herein. They have all had a positive, and sometimes negative/lasting impact on me. This is due to things such as
  • My state of mind at the time
  • Cross-interactions with other drugs, such as illegal/prescription drugs or alcohol
  • Impurities such as a grimey bong right up to a substance being contaminated
  • The amount you take
  • How much I weigh

This guide will look at the following drugs, and the harm reduction techniques associated with them in order for you to take them with less danger, and more confidence knowing that you have made it as safe as possible for you and those around. you should, despite your best efforts, something goes wrong.
There is always a risk, no matter how small. I know new, synthetic drugs are coming out all the time so they will be covered as "Research Chemicals" and the the safe way to take

them is very straightforward.


So, here is the list -
  • Opiates (Heroin, Morphine, Codeine and Oxycodone)
  • MDMA (aka Ecstasy)
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines (aka Speed)
  • Cannabis
  • Psychedelics (LSD, Mushrooms, 2C-i, 2C-b)
  • Benzodiadepines (Valium, Temazepam, Xanax)
  • Research Chemicals (AKA "Legal Highs" and for some unknown. fucking reason, "Bath Salts")
  • Further reading
  • General safety tips for all drugs
  • Terminology
Opiates are members of a family of analgesic drugs used

for painkilling purposes, acting mostly on the dopamine receptors, allowing users to feel very euphoric and slowed-down. Dopamine is essentially the pleasure and reward centre in the brain and this explains why addiction and tolerance can. build up so damned fast - which is bad, if you didn't already figure it out.
The downside is the addiction timescale. It depends on the. individual, but these class of drugs can become very habit-forming, and the withdrawals are goddamned awful.
Another underestimated side-effect of Opiates is the constipation they cause. If you have eaten a lot of food, then taking a recreational amount of opiates is ill-advised. Have a diet with fiber in, and if possible, some laxatives and water nearby to offset the constipation effects of the drug when taken in any way as listed below, because Opiates can be administered in a number of ways - be in

IV (Intravenous), IM (Intermuscular), Subcutaneous, Oral or rectal (plugging). I will cover each of these methods and their dangers (as well as why they are chosen by some people).
Red indicates a needle is used, and green indicates where a needle is not used, rather an oral syringe may be if there is a need to measure out a. liquid.

With needles, the obvious one most people think of is IV, images of a malnourished, pale individual injecting a syringeful of dark browny-red sludge known as Heroin in a. grimey back-alley with a trickle of blood down their arm. A nasty looking, but equally as reliable tourniquet contrasting with the look of pure joy on the face of the user, which will soon fade after the. bioavailability [1] of the drug has mostly gone. But it doesn't have to be like that if you know about harm reduction. It literally can be a lifesaver.
Injecting can also cover IM and subcutaneous - they just don't go into a vein, instead a muscle or under the skin, forming a blister (commonly referred to as "popping").

Aspects of harm reduction for syringe and needle use cover. cleanliness, purity and surroundings.

Always use clean equipment, in the Junkie world

injections etc are mostly known as "rigs" (the tourniquet, needle, syringe, spoon and packaging), and clean

needles can be purchased easily from a local chemist or online from one of the many reputable sellers who wish to aid in harm reduction (Link given at the end of this guide).
Sharing needles may seem like something you can do to,save time or money, but you never know if anyone else has an infectious. disease - especially in the junkie world as it is preferable not to talk about such things. It's all about the hit, and getting on with life. So for the love of all that is fucking holy, do NOT share needles!.
IV-related diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C and other minor but equally as nasty infections are just not worth the hassle and so this is by far the most important and easily avoided downside of injecting opiates, namely Heroin or crushed-up pills.
A microscopic image of the end of a needle after

multiple use - goes to show that a clean needle each time is the best practice

Source - Bluelight

Another small, but very important piece of kit are alcohol swabs. You know, the things they wipe the injection site down with before giving you a jab at the Doctors or Hospital? Well
here's a picture -
Source - ehow

They are inexpensive and sanitise the injection site with isopropyl alcohol, making the risk for infection through dirty skin or other things (but not a dirty needle or impure substance) a lot a lot less.

A filter is imperative for use between "cooking up" the drug and pulling it up into the syringe. If possible, do this without the needle to avoid dulling the point as you saw in the picture.

Using a filter (which can also be purchased online with sanitary "cooking bowls") instead of teaspoons, means you do not inject small amounts of solid particles into your veins.

The same can be said for pills, such as Oxycodone (aka Oxycontin) and Codeine, or any other solid-crushed painkiller pill for example. Many of them also contain "binders" and paracetamol, and injecting that is a really fucking dumb idea.

I don't need to tell you what can happen from just one, or repeated uses, of this practice - which leads me neatly onto common side-effects of injecting.
Much like impurities in heroin this is also something you don't wish to put into your veins. Much is said every so often in the media about what is found in heroin, and the quality of it. If you must use it, then for your own sake, opt for the higher quality stuff, and not that which is adulterated. Your veins will thank you.

When popping pills an empty stomach can mean the pills are more potent and come on more quickly. It is your own preference if you wish to take them on an empty stomach.

Plugging pills is almost the equivalent to injecting the substance as the active chemical is absorbed through the thin rectal walls, into the bloodstream. Expect the drug to kick in within a couple of minutes, and to be a lot more potent than if taken orally.

Common side-effects from regular injections can be
  • Track-marks
  • Abscesses
  • Collapsed veins
  • Addiction, obviously
  • Gut problems

I will now address each of these briefly:

Track marks occur with regular injecting, and are, simply put, injection marks following a vein either on the arm, leg, foot or wherever a vein is used to inject. A light user can expect to have something like this:
Source -

Obviously they can get a lot worse as time passes.

Rotation/a change of the injection site
can help lessen these.

Abscesses are from a slight infection through injecting, either from unsanitary conditions or an impure product. if not treated they can become seriously infected and possibly life-threatening with blood poisoning one of the major factors.

Abscesses start off as being tender (as the infection is deep within the skin tissue) then can require emergency treatment once it starts to fill with pus and become hard to the touch with a head on, much like a large pimple - but a life-threatening one.

Collapsed veins are, much like track marks, a result

from injecting in the same place too much.
If you are going to take opiates either orally or by plugging, then they are almost the same, except for one very important detail.
As you are putting the drug into your gut, the bacteria will kill off most of the crap which may have come into contact with the substance so you need not worry as much (the purer the product, the better). I will tell you in a bit why some people prefer to inject and others do not.

Plugging is where the drug is absorbed rectally, and much like injecting, 95%+ is absorbed into the bloodstream (with injection being almost 100%). This means very little goes to waste. Many people who like to plug opiates use a needle-less syringe and crushed up drug. There isn't much in the way of harm reduction for either oral or plugging, but just know your product which I will cover in the next subsection of "Opiates".

So what have we learnt about the cleanliness side of injecting

  • Have a clean needle available every time you inject, so carry a couple extras in their sterile packaging.
  • If a needle tip touches the cooking surface or is used multiple times, it can become seriously blunt. It is your preference as you may be able to tolerate a blunt needle, but for an easier injection, it's best to have a sharp needle each time. Also a new one = a clean one.
  • Never, ever, ever, EVER share needles. It doesn't matter about the size of the hit - if the needle goes into someone or comes into contact with bodily fluids (saliva, blood, etc), it's shared. Discard and reload the syringe with one of your clean needles.
  • Wipe the injection site with a sterile alcohol swab to decrease the risk of an infection or abscess.
  • Use a clean cooking surface (instead of a used, stained teaspoon)
  • A filter can save your life by avoiding the syringe

    sucking up solid particles - no matter how small. These in your bloodstream can cause you all manner of issues, including abscesses and collapsed veins.
  • Crushing pills to inject, be it IM, IV or subcutaneously is a bad idea. Pills contain binders, which may be all matter of adulterants and these can make the process very uncomfortable and possibly dangerous.
  • It is possible to have a blocked gut due to constipation caused by opiate (ab)use. Having a laxative and plenty of water nearby can help in relieving this.
Ecstasy (MDMA)

A stimulant acting on the serotonin receptors in the brain, MDMA gives the user a helluva loved-up rush. The world is perfect, friends are the best people in the world and all the problems you once knew are gone.
It's fun, but with a few isolated deaths per year, this drug gains a lot of disproportionate press seeing as it is not that harmful.
The average dosage of MDMA (pure) is between 75 and 125mg on average. Any more and you can risk a lethal dose or at least some damage. Any less and you may not feel anything at all.

More importantly in a reagent test kit, you can see how much pure MDMA is in a pill by how intense the colour is within the test tube.
In this section I will look at 4 very important things (and 1 not-so important) to help you get the best experience from your time with MDMA.
The 2 terms, Ecstasy and MDMA are slightly different. One is slang, obviously, but MDMA tends to come in crystals as it is the pure form that can be ingested by a technique called parachuting. Whereas Ecstasy pills are the more adulterated version of the drug, and can be a lot more dangerous if not properly tested.
  • The ol' hydration hysteria
  • Tester kits
  • Pills vs Crystal
  • Ingestion methods
  • Gurn, pilly willy and other side effects.

The ol' hydration hysteria

As MDMA/Ecstasy is associated with the dance and rave scenes, users dance, a lot. Honestly, the gurning, flailing dancing you see, enlarged pupils and the bodily heat produced during the time the drug is active, a lot of sweat can be produced - and so you must be properly hydrated. Unfortunately this aspect of the drug can cause people to worry too much and not enjoy their time on it, so just take it easy and try it a few times in an environment where you aren't dancing and being hot and sweaty.
However, it is possible to over-hydrate. Talk about nit-picking, right? One moment you're dehydrated, the next you're over.
So how can you be safe?
Well dancing too much isn't great for you. It is possible to experience the drug and appreciate its' effects just walking around and observing the world, or during a night in with some close friends or your partner.

Overheating is called hyperthermia, aka heat-stroke. One of the most famous cases for over-hydration and ecstasy was in the UK during the 90s where a girl by the. name of Leah Betts died from "a single ecstasy pill", and this can be put down a lot to misinformation. She and her Parents unwittingly became the poster-group for a cause they didn't know would make more children like their very own, as the UK Government did not approve of harm reduction, rather an outright ban - which never works. It is impossible to achieve and costs a lot of lives then breeds a lot of ignorance in the process.

So, back to hydration. Opinions obviously differ on how much to. drink. Everyone is different so you need to find your. own "sweet spot". Advice at raves and online say that Dancing in your average hot and sweaty club for hours, then 500-750ml of water per hour is. sufficient. However if you feel dizzy, then increase that amount. But do not overdo it.

Do not worry too much, and if you feel thirsty, then drink. If you don't, then don't as over-hydration can put increased. pressure on your kidneys.
Many raves have chill-out zones where you can sit down with other people, or by yourself, despite MDMA's ability to break down social barriers. Remember to replace salts in your. body, so maybe eat some peanuts or some crisps if you can.

Splash your face, sit down and just appreciate the world as it goes by. Don't worry too much about the hydration issue as this can cause unwanted stress and lead to things not going the way you intended, as with most drugs and their side-effects.

Testing kits

Probably the most important thing you can have before taking MDMA/Ecstasy.

Purity is a huge factor, especially with pills because many of them have adulterants in such as worming agents (BZP), Caffeine, Novacaine, Pseudoephedrine and even other illegal drugs such as Cocaine (gonna be an expensive pill) and more information can be found here as well as on Pill Reports which is linked at the end of this section. Dealers nowadays will do anything to bulk up their products, and so this is why I cannot tell you enough - go for crystal form - MDMA.
You will know, by feel, as it is slightly oily and possibly a shade of brown. The photo below shows you an example of high quality MDMA crystals

But of course, eyeballing isn't 100% accurate, is it? This is

why testing kits are literally lifesavers.
They can be easily purchased online or at head shops and come in a variety of brands. Just remember - you cannot put a price on your health, so choose wisely. Follow the instructions and test a small batch of your purchased MDMA/Ecstasy pill.
The reagent will turn a colour, and will be shown in the instruction leaflet or a dedicated card. This will be able to show you any impurities, and just how pure your purchase is.

If anything, this is by far the most important part of this part of the guide! Please do not scrimp on your health, or the safety of your experience. Please buy a reagent test kit and test your product. You will thank yourself the next morning and quite possibly the rest of your life.

This brings me onto my next point...

Pills vs Crystal

As you have probably guessed, crystal is a lot purer, potentially, than pills. Why? Well if you skipped it, pills can contain a load of different adulterants. Adulterants that are potentially very toxic to Humans (such as Piperazines aka worming agents) which is a common thing in the UK.

If possible, hunt for crystal. It may be harder, but when combined with a reagent test kit, you will definitely have a better, cleaner time than a pill which you don't know what contains.
I say "cleaner" as the comedown is not as bad when the product is pure, as opposed to the assortment of chemicals and dyes in the pills.

If you do have to resort to pills, try to do it in advance so you can test them, but if you buy them at a rave, then go for ones which are being spoken highly of. If your friends have taken them and are experienced then you know you are more than likely going to be safe. Also, anyone on ecstasy will be chatty, so can tell you if the pills are any good. That's about as accurate-a-test you will get at a dance party, rave or wherever.

Ingestion methods

This is a simple, to-the-point sub-section.Most people take MDMA/Ecstacy orally, either raw or wrapped in a Rizla/Cigarette paper wrap (known as parachuting). The bioavailability of this is around 60-70% and is best done on an empty stomach for quicker absorption.

Snorting/insufflation is not particularly worth it. Sorry to disappoint. If you prefer to do it then fair on you. Sure, the rush is more intense as it is absorbed quicker, but the effects don't last as long. Much like any drug, the quicker it gets to the bloodstream (in this case, via the mucus membranes of the nose) the more of a "rush" one experiences.
Snorting pills (crushed) is ill-advised, purely because of the dye, any adulterants and larger chunks can make the experience very, very unpleasant.
The bioavailability of this method is less than orally and the following, rectal and IV. There is no concrete percentage for nasal-administered bioavailability of MDMA.

Rectally and Intravenous are the more dangerous but highest bioavailability methods of "ingesting" MDMA as almost all of the drug is ingested, and therefore is more potent than orally or nasal - so take a bit less, y'know, as the bioavailability is a LOT higher due to the walls of the rectum, much like the nose, are thin and so the capillaries are very exposed - so the uptake is quicker, but the duration is shorter.
IV is the highest method of bioavailability as the drug is completely absorbed, there is a huge "rush" and the duration lasts for around 45 minutes.

However, these methods are by far the most dangerous, and you can easily overdose because more of the drug is absorbed, as opposed to some of it being lost in the digestive tract or nasal cavity/down the back of the throat.

Gurn, pilly willy and other side effects

MDMA makes you gurn. It's no lie. Plenty or videos exist on YouTube of ravers gurning after taking a large amount. My friend even gurned his way through an inflatable bed when eventually getting to sleep after a rave - I say eventually because as a stimulant, it's not going to be easy to get to sleep when the drug is still active in your system.

To lessen the gurn, magnesium supplements have been shown to help some people. Take one the morning of the day you intend to take the MDMA/Ecstacy, and another an hour before you drop it. Just one of your regular supplements, and a regular dose.
Chewing gum can also help if if it becoming quite obvious in a place you may be busted while on the drug if you follow my drift.

"Pilly willy" or an equivalent nickname is a common effect for Males taking MDMA/Ecstacy, known scientifically as "vasoconstriction". In short, the blood vessels in extremities constrict and contract. Don't expect to have sex if this happens to you, as some guys have said their penis resembles a clitoris, and some could barely see it in their pubes from above.

Dry mouth is common, as the dehydration can lead to this, much like Opiates.

Other small side effects which are also negative are delayed orgasm, lack of appetite, impaired balance and dizziness. More can be found here.

Recommended sites:

The best advice my mate gave me for this piece was "Don't take it at all", but some of you will. Purity is a huge factor. He took 80% pure coke and was fucked, almost to the point of death a week ago (early August) because of it.

A powerful stimulant that acts on the seretonin and dopamine receptors, it is extracted from the Coca plant at a huge environmental cost to South America and the Amazon.
One of the fastest-reduced price drugs being produced, it is becoming more accessible instead of being for the Middle and Upper Class as it is seen as a posh drug, using a credit card to rack up lines and a banknote to snort it. The somewhat of a stigma attached to the drug is being smashed as it is being more available to those with less money.
Of course this is a trade-off with the purity, as Cocaine purity, when purchased from a relatively unknown dealer is between 30 and 40% in the UK (sometimes as low as 10%) and 50 to 70% (which is a dubious figure from 2003/2004 as 2011 levels are unavailable) in the USA. There are dealers who will sell "Cocaine" which is just pure adulterants, so be very careful who you buy Cocaine from. If you pay a bit more than others for a gram, or however much you buy at a time, then chances are the purity is better.
One way to test is to buy a test kit which are widely available online (as for Cocaine, I am not sure about your local headshop, but they may be kind enough to order one in) so you can test the purity of your purchase.
If the purity is disappointingly low, then do not buy from that dealer again. The same can be said for weight, if you buy a gram bag and it weighs in at 0.7g for example. That's why it's always handy to have digital scales as I keep saying!
Being one of the most addictive drugs, Cocaine has been known to ruin lives through financial issues alone as it is a "fast" drug. Comes quick, goes quick, and the effects don't last too long.
  • Ingestion methods
  • Crack
  • Adulterants
  • Signs of an overdose

Ingestion methods

Obviously there are the two infamous stimulants of the Coca plant, Crack and Cocaine. the two are very different in ways of ingestion, and some ways of taking the drug allow for less wear and tear to the users' body than others, so reducing harm caused by these methods will be discussed here.

Cocaine causes death of tissues by constricting the blood vessels, and kills heart tissue on contact. Just this alone shows it's not a drug to be messed with, despite its' very addictive nature, especially with the faster hit from smoking it in the form of Crack.

The most obvious method that comes to mind when discussing Cocaine is insufflation (snorting it). While the bioavailability is high (between 60 - 80%), over time and especially through binging on the drug, the thin barrier between the two nasal passages can be perforated.
In one famous case, Daniella Westbrook had lost the middle section of her nose (an example can be seen in a photo below), and if used for an even more sustained period, the "drip" which is the sensation of a drug running down the back of the nasal cavity, almost "dripping", hence the name) it is possible to make a perforation in the mouth roof.

Other minor side effects include nodebleeds and fragile nasal tissue, so if you use this method, then do not binge with it, as your nose will be in danger, too.
That is, if your Cocaine is actually Cocaine (what with the purity being pretty low).

Another method with cocaine is to "gum" it or put it under your tongue. If you look at the underside of your tongue in a mirror, you will notice the veins that supply this large muscle with blood.
Rubbing Cocaine onto your gums or under your tongue is also a rapid way to feel the drugs' effects (remember that the faster the effects are felt, potentially the more addictive the nature). Common problems with this method include gum damage, caused by the dead capilliaries and other gingivital issues which can cause a plethora of other oral health issues. At its' worst, teeth can fall out, inflamed gums or underside of the tongue, abrasion and even clenching of the jaw, eroding the already endangered teeth.

Smoking Cocaine in its' purest form, known as Crack, is a very fast way for the active compounds to reach the brain as the smoke goes via the lungs and into the bloodstream. Almost a cross between smoke and vapour, this is one of the most addictive and common ways that the product from the Coca plant is consumed, especially in South Africa and Northern America.

A lesser-used method is injecting Cocaine, much like Heroin. The effects are felt almost immediately and are very intense, if only for a short while. The bioavailability if this method, be it IV, IM or subcutaneous is upwards of 99%. Due to the impurities and adulterants commonly found in Cocaine, this is also one of the most dangerous ways to take the drug as your veins/muscles and body in general will fill up with crap faster the more you do it, leading to collapsed veins and increased risks of heart problems due to the direct route of Cocaine to the delicate heart tissues and adulterants potentially blocking/severely damaging veins.


There is no "proper" safe way to smoke or vapourise Crack, as the active compounds pass through the mouth and throat, expanding on the "gumming" or sublingual use of Cocaine explaining why many Crack addicts miss teeth and generally have shit-looking mouths.

Harm reduction techniques surrounding Crack do exist, but it is only possible to lessen the eventual wear on the body it will take.

Not sharing your pipe is a very important harm reduction technique, as Crack Cocaine addicts tend to be carriers of a nice range of diseases (Hepatitis C for example, can survive out of the body for a long time - long enough to stay on a pipe that is being passed between habitual users).

Much like smoking Cannabis, the material of the pipe is important, so a quality glass one is the safest, as opposed to an aluminium can that can give off extra chemicals when heated up that you can inhale and cause untold damage on top of that the Crack does.

Coating your gums and teeth in a liquid may help to stop the erosion from the smoke/vapour. I was told this by a friend who had always wanted to try Crack and was told this by a homeless guy he had talked to one night.

On a wider level, and the same goes with Cocaine but make sure to prioritise your life. Chances are you have a mortgage or rent to pay, possibly some credit cards. If you fail to keep up with payments then say hello to legal trouble, then possibly Class A/Schedule 1 drug charges if the Police come round, or reposession teams find/smell your indulgence.


Crack is relatively pure as it is essentially boiled down then reformed Cocaine, so the impurities are removed.

As for Cocaine powder, purity has decreased (along with price) in the last 20 years following the boom in the 1980s). The following is far from an exhaustive list -
  • Benzocaine
  • Caffeine
  • Talc powder
  • Sugar derivatives (glucose, lactose, dextrose)
  • Lidocaine
These adulterants are used either for their colour, being a pure white (talc, sugar derivatives etc) or their effects similar to Cocaine (numbing and stimulant, such as Lidocaine and Caffeine).

As said with other drugs, with a test kit it is possible to see just how potent your purchase is, and to judge a dealer by the product they sell.
A more exhaustive and explanative list can be found here.

Signs of an overdose

As Cocaine interacts heavily with the heart, an overdose is commonly associated with heart problems, in the worst case heart failure, a stroke or a heart attack.
Following the heart interactions, blood can also be affected, resulting in clots, hypertension 9a rise in blood pressure) , kidney and liver problems and
Other "lesser" symptoms (I say that with a pinch of salt as these can escalate into more serious issues) can include vomiting, sweating, nausea, irritability, increase in temperature (which can become lethal if it rises too much) and seizures.

Mixing Cocaine with other drugs, especially alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates can be life-threatening as it's a combination of up and down. The heart is put under extreme pressure. I myself have experienced an accidental speedball (the term given to combining a heavy opiate and cocaine) and the ordeal was nerve-wracking to say the least. Irregular heartbeat followed by visual distortions (possibly caused by the constriction in capilliaries in the eyes) - resulting in tunnel vision. I made it through the other side, but until you know your body, on a personal level, I cannot stress it enough, do not ix cocaine with any "downer" drug, as the two will confuse your body, and can quickly become a lethal mixture.

In any result of overdose symptoms that involve the heart, or what you may think of potential heart-issues, call for medical help immediately.
Amphetamines (AKA Speed and it's derivatives)

Uppers, speed, amphetamines, whizzers. Whatever you call them they do the same thing - give the illusion of life in the fast lane. They come in all forms, even legal (such as Adderall for individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder etc). So like with other pharmaceuticals, they are known to be sold on the black market and are said to be tightly controlled within most of the Western Hemisphere.

As for Amphetamines, an umbrella term for all these drugs, you feel less fatigue, increased concentration, loss of appetite and physical symptoms like enlarged pupils, insomnia and most noticeably - hyperactivity. It's quite a hypocritical drug, on one hand increasing concentration, and the other making the user more hyper. For this exact reason it is a very popular substance among those studying for exams at University.There isn't much in the way of harm reduction, as this drug spans so many different brand names and illegal purity/dosage that I will just list the basics, with the emphasis on harm reduction within each -
  • Routes of administration
  • Recreational dosages
  • Overdose
  • Addiction and withdrawal

Routes of administration
Amphetamines can be taken in almost any way, ranging from oral to rectal and IV.
Of course, to get the most out of the drug and use a smaller amount, IV is the most effective method as none of the drug is wasted. However as covered in the Opiates subsection, there are inherent dangers with needle usage, such as collapsed veins, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and easy overdose due to the "hit" being much stronger.
Similar things can be said about rectal administration as it is slightly less effective, but still more-so than oral, at absorbing all of the drug. Less of it is needed for an equivalent feeling when taken orally as, like I said earlier, the blood vessels are close to the surface within the rectal cavity and the drug is absorbed through, into the bloodstream that way.

Is is possible to smoke amphetamine in the right form with a glass pipe, as well. Commonly known as Crystal Meth, this drug falls within the umbrella of the amphetamine class and when smoked, reaches the brain quickly, much like injecting or rectally, by transfer in the lungs to the bloodstream.

The above methods are more likely to cause addiction, as the "highs" are shorter, more intense and use less of the drug (at first). The bioavailability for all the above techniques are between 100 and 90%, so you can see just how much is absorbed and metabolised in the body.
Tolerance will soon build up and if addicted, the user will need more of the drug just to chase that first high they got from it - usually to no avail.

More commonly, amphetamines are taken orally or insufflates (snorted). Orally, around 70% of the drug is absorbed and becomes active, so the bioavailability is lower than that of IV, Rectal or smoking it.
Snorting the drug gives around 75% bioavailability, but a shorter effect.

The average length for an amphetamine "high" differs with the method of ingesting it as said earlier. However, orally, the half-life of the drug is between 12 - 13 hours, so the high is noticeable for around 6 hours. Less-so when taken IV, rectally or smoked.

Recreational dosages
Depending on the purity of the amphetamine you have (obviously
pharmaceutical is preferred over street-purchased), and your weight, the average dosage as discussed with friends and online is between 20 - 40mg.
Between 40 - 80mg is common for regular users or those with a tolerance. Like I said before though, it can be very hard, if not almost impossible to guess the weight from just looking at a powder or crystal, so I advise investing in some milligram scales and weighing out the amphetamines that way. Especially if you plan on going to a club/rave/party.

If you have a higher tolerance or a larger body mass, then taking more later on shouldn't hurt. However do not take this as gospel. It is best to experiment with lower amounts until you know your body's reaction to the drug and work from there.Anything over 100mg is not recommended as overdose can occur if you do not have a tolerance, have a low body weight or are sensitive to the drug.
Everyone is different and so get to know your body as I said at the beginning of this guide.


As with other drugs, especially psychedelics, having somebody with you when using a drug is advised, especially if they have experience with the substance.
If somebody has taken too much of the drug, then the following will occur, but not in this order.
If any of these effects are seen, then it is advisable to drink plenty of water, try to keep calm and in the worst case, call an ambulance. Do not be scared to call for help - you can save a life
  • Anxiety - the thoughts of "I have taken too much" can cause something of a hypochondriac reaction. This is where it is good to have a friend around. This can happen with any drug.
  • Sweating - If you are dancing, it's a given, but excess sweating and flushes are a sign of a possible overdose, so it is advisable to sit down and let your body return to a somewhat normal state (despite the drug still being in your system, so you won't feel "normal" per-se)
  • Blurred vision - as amphetamines can effect the eyes in the way of pupil dilation and blood vessel constriction , vision can deteriorate. If there is access to a quiet room with a friend (if there is one around) then that is recommended. If not, then close your eyes and regulate your breathing. The effects will eventually end.
  • The shakes - this is more serious and can be the precursor to collapsing or heart problems if the individual has truly taken too much. As with all other effects, sit them down and have a phone nearby to call for an ambulance if need be. Ask the person how much they have had.
  • Collapse - move the person to a quiet area if at a rave or somewhere (and if others haven't noticed) and call an ambulance immediately. Keep checking for signs of life (ie. a pulse, breathing, press on skin for a few seconds and remove pressure to check circulation etc)

Addiction and withdrawal

As with meth, you have probably seen the addiction this drug can cause when taken in certain ways (noticeably the teeth with meth as it is smoked), but with any administration route listed earlier, addiction is possible (and the chances of being hooked are increased with the quicker onset of the drug, such as IV, rectal and smoking it). That isn't to say oral or nasal-routes mean addiction is not going to happen, but the chances are less, however everybody is different and so some may be more susceptible to addiction orally than others, for example.

The withdrawals of amphetamines are generally insomnia, nausea, low blood pressure, malnutrition/loss of appetite, depression and clouded/impaired thoughts or judgement.
It is only possible to come off the drug when you, the user, are ready. It's impossible to if someone tries to force you.

Learn the signs of addiction (increased use and dosage) as well as quick cycles (taking it more frequently each day) and plan to stop as soon as possible. There are other ways to concentrate or achieve the effects of the drug, because in the long run your body will suffer a lot.

The most commonly used illegal drug on the planet. It is still

possible to exercise harm-reduction tips with this drug.
  • Vapourising and eating
  • Soapbar and contaminants
  • Tobacco
  • Pipes and bongs

Vapourising the drug (be it in hash or plant form) is a more healthy way to consume it as there is no combustion (as opposed to smoking). There are literally hundreds of types of vapourisers, ranging from portable, handheld, different temperatures and inhalation methods (bag vs tube)
Obviously another method is eating the drug - cooking it with full-fat butter to make cannabutter. Many tutorials and reviews exist online as to how to make it, and this is, if not, the safest way to consume the drug. There is no risk of combustion and no inhalation. All the drug is eaten and due to the digestion of it, the effects last for up to 6 hours and are more intense than if smoked or vapourised.Soapbar and contaminants come and go in waves. In the UK there were contaminated batches of both hash and bud. The former containing anything from turpentine and plastic shavings to boot polish and animal crap.

When it comes to bud, there have been reports of silica, microscopic glass beads and sand found to make the bud appear as if it contains more THC crystals. In the UK this is known as "gritweed" and can be found out by the amount of solid, but small material at the bottom of the baggie. All the substances within gritweed are extremely damaging when smoked or vapourised, as they are either inhaled into the lungs when melted, and tearing the lung membrane, or releasing toxins (in the case of silica) when vapourised.
Example of Grit weed. I kept the image large so you can see the grittiness and how it's not the "crystals" on the weed you should be smoking.

Source -

More information can be found out about soapbar

here, and

contaminated weed



In many European Nations, it is common to "dilute" Cannabis with tobacco. If not dilute then change the "high/stone" as the combination with tobacco does make a difference in that it changes the intensity of the hit.

However, everyone knows tobacco isn't exactly healthy for you, so if you insist on using it then try to keep its' use to a minimum. Not only will the overpriced brown stuff last you longer, but it won't wreck your lungs fast or give you a very subtle addiction. On this subject - many people think that Cannabis smokers are addicted to Cannabis, but more than likely it's down to the tobacco used in spliffs or bongs.

Once you find your optimal mix then stick to it. Some people prefer a 5/50 mix of herb and tobacco, others prefer just enough tobacco to keep the Cannabis burning as it is hard to stay alight by itself, especially if your dealer hasn't dried it properly (usually a tactic employed to make it seem like you are getting the amount you asked for, but once the herb dries, the weight drops quite substantially). Just be conscious of the damage of tobacco.
I don't need to preach what you already know to you.

Pipes and bongs

The ways you can smoke Cannabis is just baffling. There are literally as many ways as you can imagine. everything from a hi-end reinforced glass, hand-blown bong, right to an apple pipe. This section hilights the dangers in some materials used when smoking with a pipe or bong.

If you have purchhased your pipe or bong from a reputable shop, then chances are you're fine. It is just the minority who use the following when smoking that are harming themselves, possibly further -
  • Aluminium - there are chemicals on this metal used for wrapping food that, when heated, can be toxic, and over long-term exposure can cause serious lung issues such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Although everyone is different, it's not worth the sustained use and risk.

    People have been known to use it when in a pinch, such as a soda can as it is not seen as harmful if it's a one off, but prolonged use there have been rumours of Alzheimers. Bear in mind there has been no study carried out into this, but the fact it has been linked to immediate respiratory issues and gives off Aluminium Oxide smoke when heated up should tell you enough.
  • Copper - If once used in plumbing, it's worse, but even if not then can contain other chemicals, and release Copper Oxide when heated (as you may see a green flame if you hold the lighter to the copper itself, which is the copper reacting with the heat). Users on Cannabis forums on the 'net have even said that in a pinch, it is preferable to use a foil bowl instead of copper due to the inherent dangers.
    With prolonged use it is possible, but unlikely through smoking, to get copper toxicity through the build-up of copper in the body.

    Psychedelics can be an amazing way to find out about the world and most importantly, yourself despite also having a downside if a bad trip were to rear it's ugly head. However they need to be treated with care. Great care. I cannot remember how many times I have told friends and acquaintances safety procedures for using magic mushrooms (psilocybin) and LSD.

    There are plenty of guides on the internet on how to use psychedelics safely, and even a site where you can visit if you are having a bad trip which I will list at the end of this section.
    There are more drugs in the psychedelic category than just Psilocybin mushrooms and LSD, but for the sake of simplicity and the fact that new drugs are being synthesised all the time, I will concentrate on the most available ones, despite genuine LSD being very tricky to find in some places.
    I will cover Salvia, but very briefly at the end of this section as well.

    The best safe practices for having a good time with psychedelics is to follow the following, which I will expand on
    • Have a sitter
    • Plan in advance
    • Do not use Facebook or other similar things
    • Tie up loose ends
    • Have valium on hand
    • Check your mental state
    • Ego death
    • Salvia Divinorum

    Have a sitter
    Sitters, which can be a friend or somebody you know who (optionally) are experienced in the use of psychedelics is a good idea for your first few times. One prerequisite is to have somebody who is not against drug use - you should know a good friend who you can rely on.
    Because if something goes wrong, you have someone there to reassure you that this is only a drug, and the effects will eventually wear off. The average time for Psilocybin is around 8 hours, and that of LSD is between 12 and 15 hours. (source: Psilocybin, LSD)

    Another aspect to having a sitter is your own personal safety.
    It is rare, but you hear of urban legends of people "peeling themselves" because they "thought they were an orange" or "jumping off a building" because they thought they could fly (as Bill Hicks said, "Why didn't they take off from the ground first? Ducks don't take elevators to fly South!").

    So having somebody there may stop you from taking risks. With
    my ex, she joked that a bush of stinging nettles looked like a bath, so you know, it is possible to harm yourself in whatever way - and that sitter can stop you if you are leaning that way.

    Plan in advance
    Psychedelics aren't just something you can take on the fly and think you'll be fine. Think about it for a few days and try to get the following
    • A place you can go or visit where not many people may be if that makes you more comfortable
    • A sitter, if need be
    • What time to take it (especially if you wish to watch a sunrise/sunset)
    • A day where you will have nothing else to do, no deadlines or family activities
    • Get things off your mind

    You get the idea. So spend a few days, think of a local park or open land you can go to. Maybe a forest or river. Nature is beautiful on psychedelics, but so can the indoors if you find some great documentaries in HD. However for a first-timer, outdoors is by far the best, and should give you a great first impression of these seretonin-altering chemicals.

    If you do need a sitter, then think of a friend you can have to come with you. Having a few days to think about this and ask those you trust gives you a much better standing.

    If you wish to view a sunrise or sunset, or maybe some stars etc on psychedelics (which can be more beautiful that my mind can put into words) then calculate how long the drug will last and peak at the time you so wish (look at the links I posted earlier about the duration of the effects of the drugs)

    I will discuss it into more detail later, but planning allows you to find a day where you have nothing planned. Living by yourself is great, but if you are with family then you may need a guise for spending a whole day outside, possibly with a friend. But it shouldn't be too hard to convince them. Going outside is healthy, right? this ties in with my last point of getting things off your mind.
    With a few days to think about things, you can take action to

    make sure your mind is at rest on the day of your choosing.

    Do not use Facebook or other things

    Many people brag about drug use on that place.
    Also some people may not like the idea of you using drugs, your Parents, for example. Plus you may see people or have a comment/message from someone you don't want to have contact with and that can set you on a bad trip. Possibly a real bad trip, and if it's your first time, then prepare for a nightmare.
    The same can be said for mobile phones or other devices where people can contact you. I warn against these for early-stage psychonauts as, like on Facebook, you can have the urge to brag to people about your plans or use, and also have contact from those individuals you may not get on eiwht, an ex partner, your Parents or just someone pranking you.

    It's not worth it. So use the excuse of your phone running out of battery or having no signal if your Parents do not know (and you may get some crap from them, but it's better than getting a drugs lecture). If you can be honest, just say you will have it turned off except for any emergencies should you go outside.

    Tying up loose ends

    By this I also link this with the Facebook or mobile phone thing. If you are halfway through something with an individual, and it will carry onto the next day, then tie up that loose end as soon as possible! You don't want any drama continuing into your potentially beautiful trip.

    Talk to people that you are going to have loose ends with the days before you trip, and end whatever it is that you are discussing about, because a conversation on something possibly negative during your experience can ruin it. The same can be

    said for anything else of a conversational nature, as it can

    stress you out or ruin the beauty of things.

    Have Valium on hand

    If you are having a bad trip, or things are getting too intense, then Valium can help end the trip by bringing it down a gear or ending it in it's tracks. Benzodiazepines and psychedelics do not mix as they bring you back down to earth gently. If you do not have any on hand (more than likely unless you have a source or get prescribed it) then just remember and if you have a sitter, this experience will end, and it's just the natural effects of the drug.

    Breathing exercises, distraction and closing your eyes whilst sitting down are all ways to relax and lower the trip by a gear if it gets too intense

    If you see anything disturbing while your eyes are closed, then observe things around you. Try the following -
    If outside: Look at the grass around you, then slowly look at the blades closer to you. Observe their colour, any wind that is blowing it and the colour. How green is it? How long has it been there and think of it's place in the Universe.

    Talking of which, look at the sky. The stars or the clouds if there are any. Can you see shapes? Are the constellations out?
    The vastness of the Cosmos is a beautiful thing and you are star dust. All the time in the World and you are a product of it. The time it takes for the light to reach us from a star, or the speed the clouds are moving.
    Feel the wind on your face, or the heat, or even rain. How warm, glowing and refreshing it is. Is the rain cold?
    If you have an MP3 player with you, put on some music and choose relaxing tracks, Not ones that have memories attached to them that may scare you. Let the music intensify any distortions in colours, and go with it.

    If inside: Are you in front of your computer or a screen? Listen to the fans whirring, and the things they have to cool down. All those electronics and other things which make the virtual world possible. How far technology has come.

    Go to your bed and feel the warmth of your duvet on you, the texture and feeling against your skin as you move around. The weight you put onto the mattress as you move around or lie there. Looking up, maybe the patterns on your ceiling can be interpreted as pictures or scenes from your mind. Totally nonsensical, but they are there for a reason - you.
    Look at your wall, as you will notice small bumps if it is painted. If you have wallpaper then notice the smoothness or any bumps. The patterns on it and the colours. Who thought of this design? Where are they now? How the patterns flow or blend into one another. Any straight lines, or wavy/random lines - as you will soon realise that straight lines aren't always the best. Take a moment to write down these observations and put your full concentration into it, and it will make for great reading after your trip.
    Feel free to play some music and just go with it. Just make sure you are comfortable it will give you a positive experience, and not one that could bring back memories or scare you.

    Things like this come easy to a person on psychedelics. It's a great way to relax and is a common aspect of a meditation practice called "Mindfulness".

    Check your mental state

    If you are stressed, grieving, anxious about something or otherwise in a bad state of mind, then please do not experiment with psychedelics.
    Much like other drugs these will amplify your take on these emotions and you can potentially have a bad trip as all your focus will be on the negativity associated with these feelings.
    Likewise if you have a mental health issue, then psychedelics are a game of roulette. You can potentially come out of them a lot worse than you went in, and they will shake you up for a while afterwards. It's best just to enjoy your meds.

    Ego death

    Now, Ego death is an interesting phenomena with psychedelics.

    It is defined as -
    Ego death is the absence of who you have built yourself to be. It is the splitting of the mind when it first begins to happen, and the ability to truly LOOK at who you normally are, without rationalizing your flaws which you might normally do.
    It can be one of the most beautiful experiences in your life, but even more, if understood and dealt with properly, it can be more then just a single experience, but a way of life. But furthermore, it will draw out extreme hurt and pain because you will have uncovered a mask that the "real you" normally wears, and is so comfortable in wearing. It strips away your security of who you are, and it will be very clear to you that there are some serious issues with who you are that need to be dealt with. It is the feeling that you are speaking with your own mind, or watching the person you usually are on a movie screen, and a person with the opinion of only wanting the best in this world sits watching. But.. Let me make this very clear: There are very REAL positive and negative effects of ego death.
    Source -

    The positive side to Ego death -
    You can feel extreme feelings in volume, and if prepared for this, it can be a euphoria of beauty, and a feeling that every moment in time can be wonderful.

    It will unlock doors deep within, and allow you to get constructive criticism that is of the most real honesty. You will see parts of you that you will want to change, and can be extremely happy to realize these things, knowing that you can make yourself a better person.

    It will open up emotions that you usually are unable to feel, and allow you to touch yourself towards ideas and wants that usually the ego holds you back from. It can make you want to be a better person, and give you ideas of how you can accomplish that.

    It will change the way you look at the world, maybe only temporarily, and it will undeniably break away a small part of the ego from who you will be when you return from this state. This will happen because people who have an ego which they have made COMPLETELY who they are, in the way that they are unchanging will not be able to experience ego-death in its wholeness. Their ego is attached to strongly, and they will need to experience much change in their life, before that can be achieved (to my knowledge and observations.)

    It will remind you of feelings you once forgot, and show you feelings you have never felt before. This can be anything though, as each of us forgets different things, although all equally important. Some of us forget how to love, or begin believing that such a thing is not possible because of the pain/hurt we have pushed within.. Ego death is one of those mind openers, and reminders.
    Source - as above

    The negative side to Ego death -
    It can be very confusing. It can cause a person who lacks balance in their life, or someone who is already very emotionally unstable to see the pain too quickly, and experience feelings which they are not yet ready to deal with in such volume.
    It will unmask your securities, and unlock doors in your mind that hold back your fears from surfacing.

    It will show you a different person, because you will be truly stepping out of your usual shoes and looking at the person who usually stands in them. This can be scary and for some who are so-tied to their ego for protection, insanely mind-shattering (overload).

    It can make you disgusted or sick with the way you act. It can make you feel so awkward about who you are, that you don't feel as if you can continue living the way you are.

    It can do many things psychologically, and change your thought

    patterns towards a very negative and volatile state.
    Source - as above

    Ok so that was a lot to take in. But how do you recover from it? Well, learn from the experience. It taught you a lot and

    your ego will return.
    This is not permanent.
    Psychedelics just accelerate the process of what you already had in mind, but maybe had in your subconscious or were ignoring.

    The whole experience can be very scary or beautiful, but take it a step at a time, allowing yourself to solve the problems you encountered during that trip. Some things you just simply cannot understand. Others you can, and so like I said before about noticing things around you and mindfulness, it helps to write things down when experiencing ego death so you can address them after your trip has finished.

    Salvia Divinorum

    Now this is just a short bit on the popular "YouTube" drug, Salvia.
    Unfortunately a lot of morons use it and are terrified as they have a camera shoved in their face with goofy laughs which can turn things inside the users' mind very nasty, very quickly.

    To safely use this drug, which lasts for 5 minutes maximum (despite it feeling a lot longer when you use it). Remember that the drug was, and still is used as a sacred herb (much like most natural drugs such as Cannabis, Coca, Mushrooms etc) and therefore can be very powerful and expose your mind to things you may never have even imagined.

    Being inside helps, as does having a sitter as you may fall over or otherwise hurt yourself. If you wish to be outside, ayou want to connect with nature this too, is fine, but always have somebody there to watch over you. You may feel the sensation of wanting to be drawn back, so lying down can help after taking a hit and "breaking through" aka starting the hallucinations.
    Sometimes having a question or a goal in mind can help. This plant, as said, was and is used in religious rites, so it can show you the answers to otherwise impossible things within your mind.The best way to use it is to have a bong. It doesn't taste great, and it can take a lot (depending on the strength as you can get 10, 20, and all the way up to 60x).
    Also a butane torch lighter helps as it burns it at a much higher temperature.
    Once you have taken the hit, hold it in for as long as possible, then exhale through the nose - remember it won't taste nice (whichever way you inhale and exhale), but if you wish to use it, then expect it.

    Then enjoy the ride. Just remember not to have any negative thoughts, and take advice from some parts of the previous bit on psychedelics, ie. mental state and the like, as it will help you have a more positive trip.

    Recommended reading

    Benzodiazepines are a family of tranquiliser drugs, known to reduce anxiety, help in achieving sleep and as a recreational drug, the feeling of being drunk, stop panic attacks and increased confidence.
    By some it has been described as "freeze-dried alcohol" as it can make the user feel drunk, more confident and possibly endangered when it comes to their actions.
    Addiction and tolerance builds incredibly quickly and that is one of the most dangerous aspects of this family of drugs which explains why many Doctors are reluctant


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    Much like all things in life, drugs are just like a box of chocolates: you never know what you're going to get :SBAN:

    If you are taking a substance for the first time(especially those there is no certainty in their origin--possibly up somebodys butthole perhaps!!).

    Later on I'll give some more nitty-gritty details that weren't gone into, and I'll add a few sections-Inhalants, deleriants, Alcohol, Nootropics, et. al.

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