Sons of Anarchy

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The third season promos have been showing up on FX, advertising September 7 as the day of reckoning.

Now if you haven't heard of the show, but want to get into it, it'll be hard to follow. I would suggest at least watching the second season to get on track. I started watching it at the beginning of last season, and I didn't go back the watch the first season (I really should), but it was really easy to pick up on.

Anyways, there's so much that the second season finale left off on:
Like, where the hell is Glenna and the sheriff going?
Where the hell is Cameron going, and what's he going to do with a baby?

Otherwise this is one of the only shows that I've ever actually stuck to, and its amazing altogether.


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    The setting is Ireland right? Should be badass.
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    I don't know about this show. I watched last season only. It's a little too slow and dramatic for a show about a motorcycle gang. More action and badassery please. Plus it really should be on HBO or Showtime.
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    minor69ner wrote: »
    The setting is Ireland right? Should be badass.

    I think that's just a small arc in the next season, but it'll be a change of pace.
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