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  • I have a few friends who are pykes apparently the price of scraps went down a lot recently so a radiator would not net them much i don't see why they can't just get a proper job and stop just scrapping bye, about armed gypses I've heard a lot of them down my way have guns and shit now not that nice a thought :/
  • I don't have that many things i have to charge but still and epic idea might have to recommend it to my more technology addicted friends.
  • Could you harm 'em remade? Also why threaten them why not take the radiators indoors? I don't see why that stopped them taking them they usually will take shit no matter what XD
  • I tried the type of filter described in this guide in a fag works better than a roach just on it's own in my opinion and stops any dust slipping through into your mouth :) Thanks for the guide :D
  • ahh thanks Dfg :)
  • sorry to be nosey but how does Rupees relate to like pounds? Like what's the average salary of a person who lives in a country using rupees and what are the prices of common items such as a loaf of bread, a computer, razors for shaving ect? :)
  • If you have a dog , could you train in to kill the mole? Or get a cat? Or some other animal based deterrent, I know cats dislike going in a garden that has the smell of a dog in it, would something similar work with a mole?
  • Very interesting blog , I don't know why but for some reason homelessness appeals but then again I guess I have just romancecized in in my own head XD Would be interesting to read more :D
    in Homeless blog Comment by Nonmae May 2012
  • Currently listening to a lot of Marilyn Manson some of his songs like Coma white just really seem to resonate with my feelings towards the world :) Coma white A pill to make you numb A pill to make you dumb A pill to make you anybody else But all the drugs in this world Won't save her from herself Her mouth was an empty…
  • I quite like amber leaf myself but have smoked sterling( My first fag was sterling ) Golden Virginia and silk cut choice , as it is I like rolling my own think they give a better taste and possibly more nicotine , a question should I quite while ahead as I have only been smoking for several months and really enjoy it but…
    in Smoking Comment by Nonmae February 2012
  • On her face, for some reason I find that really enjoyable might be that it's slightly degrading. :P
  • Here where I am located in England it's not so bad but it's still freezing as fuck when you walk in it and apparently a few trees have fallen down , I did see a rather heavy looking wooden fence that had been blown over the other day , all in all rather bloody windy I love it :3