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  • Hi. I'm Vega. Not afk anymore. Been a bit of time. Read, know, do, as it goes. It's near midnight where I'm at. Might be a late night.
  • I'm an avid reader, actually. But this was in twelfth grade. I can understand middle school or elementary school, but if high schoolers don't want to read then they aren't going to read. Mandatory reading periods don't achieve anything.
  • This has been my most successful thread on any forum ever. But then again, I never make threads. also, smoke moar
  • We had twenty minute reading periods in twelfth grade. :facepalm:
  • If you guys are bored one day you should go hunting for homeless camps. Once you know what to look for it's simply amazing how many are hiding under our noses, especially in upper class neighborhoods. I've found that most hobos don't linger during the day. Their camps often have stuff that they've stolen/found/etc. I've…
  • You should have made this thread in Radio Free Amerika, not Bad Ideas.
  • I'm about 100 pages away from finishing Brave New World.
  • * Steven S. Zumdahl, "Chemical Principles". 6th Edition. 2009. Houghton Mifflin Co. * Absolute C++ (4th Edition), Walter Savitch, Addison Wesley, 2009 (9780136083818): Either the third edition or the fourth edition * The C++ Programming Language, third edition, Bjarne Stroustrop, Addision Wesley, 1997 (9780201700732) *…
    in Textbooks Comment by Vega July 2010
  • I smoked a third of it and became extremely retarded plastered fuckedup stoned. Then I got the munchies and ate a lot. After that I decided to smoke the rest of it and ended up puking. Just make your own pipe. It's really easy and a lot more effective. The dollar store should sell test tubes. If not, your dollar store…
  • No do this:
    in Jwh-018 Comment by Vega July 2010
  • Yeah I think itt does taste like DMT thought not as harsh and more "gummy"
  • I think some of the DMT is kicking in. I wonder how much he shipped because I must have smoken at least 40% of it already. The vapour was not harsh at all. he might have a new customer.
  • When I talked to himn he thought that it was illegal in Canada, but it isn't. I think he isn't shipping to Canada anymore because the postage is more expensive. edit: just smoke a very small amount. Don't feel anything yet. Noticed a DMT-esque taste but that may be because my pipe has a lot of crystallized dmt in it. wow…