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  • lol they are boring. i remember going to these when i was still in high school, they close around 10pm i believe, and it's only on a friday night i believe. atleast that's what it was around my area.
  • I often question these mythical creatures existence. A few of my conclusions were either... 1. Their survival skills far exceed everything known to man. 2. "super natural power" which we all know... Doesn't exist. However brain manipulation is possible. 3. Ninja's, Blind spot masters. which explains them disappearing to…
  • when i was 15, i got cocky and told every1 i can finish this entire bottle of bacardi gold. I finished half, then passed out. From what i heard, i pissed in my friend's dad cloths and almost took a shit in front of his brother. Woke up naked the next day.
  • i actually happen to be in the dota 2 beta, if any1 want info/screen shots or whatever i'll be happy to fill you in. my steam is nenglm, you can add me for other stuff
  • Spent 3 days trying to find this video. Still no luck
  • i live in california, its pretty much a shit hole. I live in a town where the cops dont give a fuck about crime. But they got the time to pull you over for nothing and give you a ticket. So you can waste your time and go to court to appeal it. Then again its the only place i ever lived in, i wouldnt know about other…
  • Yeah, we're talking right now we're also planning to meet up in a few weeks to talk about this. She's looking forward to seeing me, so i guess i still have a shot with her.
  • LOL ill try that right now haha
  • no i never beat her, or even thought about it. My anger doesnt make me hurt people physically. I'm not begging for her to to come back with me either. Seeing her is kinda out of the question, so at the moment all we can do is email each other, she dont have a phone so texting is also out of the question. Her parents are…
  • Well said, this is exactly what i went through. My dumbass supervisor called me a dumbass for a mistake that he made at the time i didnt want to fight but i did yell the fk outta him, old guy with heart condition and loves starting shit. man i wish i kicked his ass before i quit.
  • at the moment. we're still talking to each other through email, i dont think she wants to talk to me in person or on phone tho, but i aint tripping, as long as she reads what i email to her i know she still cares or have feelings. I'll just take my time, obviously 1 month is my maximum wait time, too long and being…
  • LOL hilarious, a person like her doesnt seem like a virgin, seems like someone who is trying to get publicity.
  • i'll take that into consideration, but atm i prefer things i can do by myself at home. Or something that doesnt cost that much money. I'll probably try meditating, but i dont know if theres techniques or do i just close my eye for 2 hour and sleep lol.
  • I never really thought of boxing as a disciplined martial arts until you mentioned it just now. I'm not a cigarette person so that outs of the question lol, I never really tried to do anything about my anger issues until just recently because of personal issues. Here's the twisted part... Im suppose to protect my lover,…
  • Very interesting and true... Wish i knew this earlier.
  • thanks for the info, i always bottle everything up aswell. The problem is when my bottle is full i let everything out on the one's that i love and care about. I'm not really material for anger management class as i dont burst out everyday, i just bottle it up and laugh about it. But when someone i care about try and help…
  • oh lord i cant stop laughing at that "censor face" thing