How to get Super High on Turbo Jenkem


Back in 2006 getting drugs wasn’t easy if you’re young. You needed to improvise, such as using Cough syrup, stealing drugs, sniffing glue. There wasn’t a cheap and easy way to get things done, until JENKEM happened. JENKEM stands for Jet Engine Neurotic Killer Effing Mix, it’s roots are unknown but it’s said that it started in the land of Africa. Jenkem is created using a fine blend of carefully shat feces which are fermented and then huffed.

The Original Jenkem was potent but the high according to some of the users lasted for few seconds. Plus the process of fermentation took some time. Here at Totseans we have improved the old recipe and added some bang to an already potent mixture. We call it TURBO JENKEM, because it’s fast acting, long lasting and yes it’s easier to blend. Credit goes to Pickwick for discovering our beloved Jenkem.


CAUTION: This isĀ  an extremely potent drug, do not use this unless you know what you’re doing. Make sure to check what you’re eating, different food creates different fumes which can have life threatening consequences. This mixture is only to be inhaled, DO NOT LICK or EAT IT.


This part of the guide was removed due to health concerns and complaints by the local Drug Administrations. We’re sorry for this. We will try to get it back up as soon as the heat goes down.

I have attached the related story underneath.


Washington: Memo’s are being handed to parents by the local school authorities after what could be described as a shitty experience occurred today, Leroy James a 14 year old autist boy was found unconscious his is room by his parents. The police investigated the case and found bottles of fermented feces.

Lab Analysis shows the bottle contained traces of Human, Cat and Dog feces. Leroy website history shows articles about making drugs. A website called Totse was found which contained an article on creating Turbo Jenkem The content of the article goes into detail regarding making drugs using human feces.

Our Medical Research team has asked Medical professional about this Turbo Jenkem.

Dr. Hunter: ” The blend is potent and it gives an intense high if it’s inhaled quickly, the victim will feel lightheaded and will potentially pass out due to inhaling toxic fumes. If taken in large doses it can kill you.”

When asked by the current website owner regarding this guide.

Dfg: ” I can assure you this guide works, if some idiot tries to get high on his shit, it’s not our concern, plus we’re doing this world a favor. Back in 2006 Jenkem the original blend was used throughout the world. It wasn’t lethal, and Turbo Jenkem isn’t lethal as well. It just has some mix ingredients.”

An online petition has been filed against TOTSEANS.COM which is currently hosting this guide. Users are told not to follow this TURBO JENKEM trend. However, due to our request the guide has been taken down for the time being.

Local ER has been alerted about Jenkem potent effects and local town meetings are being held. If you’re children are seen with a bottle containing feces, please contact this help link.