What if humans are sperm’s way of reproducing?


A mind-blowing perspective? Well, not exactly, Dawkins wants people to look at life and evolution. A person, or a chicken or whatever organism, is an organic “machine” built by DNA in order to replicate more of itself. So, Dawkins thought it first, but it’s an interesting perspective.   Well, I don’t really have more to add, […]

Let’s Talk About Rape Culture


This is taken from a retired Female Police Officer post on Reddit. It covers a lot of solid points and I think everyone should at least skim it. No, because I know how hard we work, and I know the system works as best that it can and in the way we want it to. […]

Drake the type of nigga.. compilation


Thanks for Imgur Community for making some of the best comedic lines ever. I thought I should compile the list before it’s forever lost.      Drake the type of nigga to open a bag of chips with scissors     Drake the type of nigga to high five you with both hands and lock fingers     […]

How to tape your dick to your phone in 5 simple steps.

close, too close

Instructions are a bit different… Bubbles are caused by a piece of lint or foreign particle that keep the protector from sealing against the smooth surface. Here’s my best shot at writing out a process to get it right everytime. Clean glass of cell phone Peel screen protector off backing Line up protector with edge […]