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For the past 9 or so months I've been using nothing but google checkout for online payments and it's awesome :thumbsup:. I decided to make the switch when gaypal stole $250 dollars for me and told me to fuck off last year and I haven't looked back.

Plus one, The fees are very[/I cheap. They get the cash in your bank in only 2 days and does it for free, and they'll only take $10 out of a $400 transfer, unlike fagpal which would take nearly $40.

Plus two, they actually care about their customers. 2 months ago there was a problem with my google checkout account and they sent me an email, I sent a reply and I was shocked that I was actually emailing a live person. We got it sorted out and everything was fine. With paypal it would have been BOOM LIMITED. Plz send us the hair of ur ded gramndma ktkx!

Plus three, it takes buyers all of 5 minutes and a credit/debit card to sign up. Seller (merchant accounts) take a little longer, but its worth it. Transferring money is easy too:

* Send email invoice
* Buyer accepts and authorizes a charge on card
* You charge order
* You ship order
* $$ in the bank a couple days later

Use GCO for transactions. DOO EET FAGGOT! :angry:


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