Operation Backlink

KatzenklavierKatzenklavier Regular
edited May 2011 in Man Cave
When searching bad ideas on google, zok's totse archive is #2, while we are on page infinity. This is very bad, because we all know that half of the totseans came because of BI, including myself. Therefore BI needs some backlinks.

How to boost our google rating:

*Comments on blogs; in the "website" field put http://www.totse.info/bbs/forumdisplay.php?f=14
*If you have a thousand something posts on another forum, put a single pixel link in your sig like this. . People probably won't find it but googlebots will.
*If you own a website, Include a hidden page with a link to BI. Make sure that it is included in your sitemap or googlebots won't find it.

We need to be #1 on the search for "Bad Ideas"


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