Does anyone donate plasma?

ThatfriedKidThatfriedKid Acolyte
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One of my ways to get some money when I'm broke is to donate plasma, but the pay is bullshit. $15 for my first time in the week and $20 my second time (since I weigh under 150 pounds). It's complete bullshit because they sell the bottles of plasma for a few hundred bucks to pharm companies and I don't even make $20 for having a fat ass needle shoved in my arm for an hour, along with the long ass wait with all the neighborhood crack heads and mentally ill. It's not bad your first few times you donate since they pay you a good amount of cash to get you to keep coming back, but damn does it suck when they start ripping you off on your payments.

So does anyone else donate? How much do you get for donating?

If nobody knows what donating plasma is I can update my post explaining the process.


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