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10 Pranks for Your Flatmate

10 Pranks for Your Flatmate
Door Prank


I recently had a shitty roommate. He is gone now and I wish I had done some of these things to him first because he was a supreme douche.



1. Numbing Fags

Take an already opened pack of their cigarettes and dip the filters in a clear and tasteless form of oragel or any other numbing agent containing benzocain. Their lips will become numb everytime they smoke.



2. No Suds

Take their bar of soap and make sure it is dry then coat it with a thin layer of clear fingernail polish. When they next take a shower they will not be able to make any suds with the soap.



3. Bedbugs

If you have pets you may want to consider this one for a minute before attempting it. Your pets will probably get fleas but it will be easy to blame them for the whole thing. Find a stray animal o outside pet and coax it to let you pet it. You will need a comb and a plastic bag for this. Simply comb the animal and catch the fleas in the plastic bag. Get as many as you can then return home and deposit the little buggers in-between the sheets and blankets of your flatmate’s bed.



4. Smelly Clothes

If your flatmate is a bit slobbish or just didn’t get the chance to put away their clothes this can be done easily. Simply take a piss on their pile of laundry. This works best if you have a pet you can lay the blame on. Do not do this until after they have just washes their clothes. It is pointless to soil their dirty laundry.

5. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

After they have gone to bed sneak into your flatmate’s room and very quietly remove all the lightbulbs. Next unplug all electronic devices and do your best to quietly cover their window so no light can get in. Once your satisfied with the level of darkness leave the room. Tie one end of a long string or chord to the doorknob and the other to something stationary if the door opens into the room. If it opens to the rest of the building simply brace the doorknob with something and make a strong barricade using heavy objects. To add a little spice to this you may want to drop a stink bomb in the room just before securing the door.



6. Ceiling Fan Prank

This is a classic prank and very easy to do if your flatmate has a ceiling fan in their room. Stack coins and tacks along the top sides of the fan blades. Make sure you distribute the weight evenly otherwise the fan will spin off balance and the effect wont be quite the same. The next time they turn on the ceiling fan they will probably be showered with coins and sharp tacks. This probably will not result in serious injury.



7. Stealthy Antique

Take any type of powdery substance such as baby powder, flour or powdered sugar ect. and pour it into your flatmate’s hair dryer. Don’t use too much or it will spill out when they pick it up. Make sure you clean off the hair dryer when finished as well as the surrounding are. You don’t want to raise any suspicion. When they turn it on they will get a hot blast of powder to the face.



8. Bugs in a Box

The title explains this prank. Go to your local bait shop and purchase a bucket of crickets. They are very cheap so you can get a 100 for little cash. Dump the crickets into whatever container/drawer your flatmate frequently opens. The results are obvious.

9. Bad Car Smell

Pour a small ammount of milk into a cup. Now place this inside the trunk of your flatmate’s car way in the back behind something they will have to crawl in to look for it. After a day or two of being locked in that dark and warm trunk the smell of spoiled milk will permeate the rest if the car. If they onto have a car put it in their closet or far underneath their bed.


10. Hot Sex

If your flatmate keeps a lubricate for sex and masturbation then thus is a good prank. Empty the lubricate and refill it with a mixture of water and icy-hot or any other warming gel. Pay attention when mixing to make sure that the replacement lubricate has the same consistency as the original. They wont be getting laid that night.
I hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading and feel free to add more pranks.



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