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5 Vegas Classic Cigar

 5 Vegas Classic Cigar

Many of you haven’t tried many cigars. I got into them a while back. 5 Vegas is an excellent brand, and their classic cigar is perfect for people who have some cigar smoking experience, but even total noobs can enjoy it as well. It’s a Churchill size, colorado claro (medium brown) cigar. It’s 7 inches (18cm) long, and 47-50/64ths of an inch wide, or 19-20mm wide.

Take your well-humi’d cigar and inspect it. Make sure it’s free of tobacco beetle holes.

Look at the label. Enjoy its nice color and how well it matches the cigar’s leaf wrapper. You’ll notice that I was a dumbfuck and cracked the outer leaf below the label. It didn’t affect my smoking experience much, but it was sad.

This is a moderately priced cigar from Nicaragua. It’s hand made, as are all fine cigars.

Inspect the cigar for tobacco beetle holes. Look at its gorgeous color. It’s a deep, rich golden caramel brown color. Smell the cigar, but slowly. Take several deep breaths to inhale the rich tobacco odor. It’s very pleasant, slightly sweet, and has lovely leather and wood undertones from spending several months in my humidor (thank you humidor!).

This is definitely a medium bodied smoke. It’s a nice long burning one, easily 2 hours. Has a delicious tobacco taste, notes of cedar, leather, maybe molasses. Slightly peppery finish.

It’s a great cigar for not a lot of money. Check www.cigarsinternational.com for pricing and deals.

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