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A Thieves Guide to Surviving in Real World

By Dfg


Just like the other guides it’s a work in progress. I usually just go and finalize a guide but BI is different. I changed the title and I will rework things later.

Scoping a place out before going in is mandatory. Never go in without checking the location and other minor/major details. This task might seem a bit dry but honestly it will save your ass in the future. A good thief,rapist, killer or terrorist always does his homework. If he wants to feel that power of doing something amazing again and again he needs to make sure he doesn’t get fucked.

I will just list few things here and then we can expand on it:




Dress comfortable when scoping and try NOT to stand out. But when you’re going in wear something flexible and if you’re going to kill cover yourself and check for hair fibers.

Lock picking tools, Camera, notepad for scoping and add more things as you need them.
A laptop with GPS and Video camera is great for maping the routes.


Never fuck your neighbourhood. I mean, you don’t fuck your neighbourhood girls and you don’t date them in Pakistan, so if fucking some girl next door gets your killed in Pakistan, stealing or trashing some place in the western world will get you killed.

When scoping out a place always AVOID your neighbourhood (even for test runs, since if you got caught people will always blame you for things) and then avoid neighbourhoods right next to you as well. Do not hit those place.

If your sector is surrounded by sectors then you avoid those sector nearest to you and hit the sector that are along those other sectors.


  • AHG
  • CDF
  • ZNJ

C is your sector, then you will avoid AZD and you can try GJF.

This ensure that you will plenty of places to hide if something goes wrong and if you frequently travel through those sectors people will get used to you and won’t look for you if someone in the next neighbourhood gets owned.


When scoping people usually drive in cars and park in front of house and parks. This gets people notice. No one cares if someone is walking down the road and listening to some music and doing his thing. Or if he riding a bicycle. The normal you act the greater your chances of scoping more locations with ease.

So, in short avoid anything that gets your attention. If you’re using a car do not PARK and just drive like your normally do. Installing a video camera that records everything while you’re scoping your hideouts gives you more detail and add some GPS device you can pin point location and time things. Like if I had a GPS and a laptop I can map the streets and place pointer for my hideouts. So at night when you can’t really see things you can use the GPS to reach hideouts or if you’re lost you can check which is the safest place.



Don’t be an idiot. Hideouts are important. They can be trees or simple trash disposal boxes. When shit hits and fan and people go out to kill you, you need a safe place which is secure.

I usually look for backyards with some boxes or trees with easy access or even roofs that can hide you. Even en empty house that no one living in is great. For example your raid a house and people get alert, you make your exist but you found out that police is checking the area, you need to hide. You hit another backup house which you know is empty and you already have broken into it. You hide there and use a disposable cell phone and call 911. Act like you’re freaked out and make a fake killer or whatever you want and force the police to check that place out in hope they will find you.

This comes in handy if you killed someone and people saw you. You can ditch the clothes and then use you’re blurred description and tell police that you saw a man with etc stabbing someone and then running away. The aim is to point them a direction which you’re NOT going. This trick can backfire some times but’s important to be quick.

Drain holes are great place too but they’re unreliable. When looking for hideouts you try to see from a police officers point of view. Not many police officers would jump up and down and climb fences. If you’re in top physical shape and can jump over fences and climb roofs fast you can easily pull a number on the police. But it’s best you don’t need hideouts.

Scoping a house.

Lets say you found a great place and people are moving out in few days. They will alert their neighbours and notify others but not many people give a shit about things. People are busy. They tend to overlook things. There are many ways you can scope a place. If you’re far away from your place you can take out your camera and start photo blogging. Like taking snaps for blog or community website [don’t be an idiot and mention Totse, I would rip your balls off if you do, that will just get YOU in trouble] Mention deviantArt and it’s better to make a profile just in case.

Take pictures and scope the area using it. Act like your taking a picture of old tree or Window etc but aim for the doors, windows and anything that can be opened.

The next game you can play is the stupid telemarketer. Get some samples and products or make a demo CD. Roam around the place looking for an address. Aim for the house that’s empty. Just ring the bell and wait there. Make sure to cover your hair or any identifying features. If it’s cold outside act sick and cover yourself completely. Soon enough the neighbour will come or if he doesn’t come you will get an idea about how much he pays attention. Drop the package or just walk away.

Now, you DO NOT need to do these things one after another. Try the camera trick or the sales guy trick. Learn to be fast and make short trips. Also, it’s best if you scope different places as well. This gives ou some practice and it also makes your comfortable with it. Like I can take a camera and start taking pictures in some park right next to an Army compound and if some guard asks me I can have a chat with him and make him pose for some pictures. Improvise people.

Breaking In

This is the vital part. Always stay away from Alarms. If you’re new to this, do not go near them. Learn about Alarms and Google. You can find information regarding different CCTV Cam, IR sensors and stuff. If you know some house is bugged, you just need to do one thing. Get a payphone and look up the number of the company. Call them and ask about their products and offers. They will try to get your details, tell them you’re doing this for someone. Ask them about their price [this gives you an idea who can afford them] and their products. Get details regarding everything, get their contact and tell them that you will forward their company name to your friend. The customer service girl/guy would think they made a new customer while you got everything you need.

The key is act like a buyer and be persistance. If you scoped the place correctly you will know which locks they’re using. If the area is handled or build by one builder you can look them up and find details about the structure. This helps when you’re hiding out.

Buy some common locks and learn to pick them. Use you tube and other forums. Don’t buy picks from the Internet. Learn to make one for yourself. It’s a bit different but it’s a required skill. Once you hit few scores you can buy other kits which really work.

You can go bang-bang and hit and run or you can be the silent thief. Avoid making a scene unless you have TNT everywhere and you can divert people to that place. Setting a house on fire and robbing another one would be funny.

Anyway, pick the lock and get things done and move out without moving major things.


What to Steal

Don’t be greedy and don’t be an idiot. If you hit some place make sure it covers your expenses and gives you a head start. Avoid anything that will get you in trouble. Like picking some refine jewels. You need to sell those things later, so get things that are useful to you.

Aim for hard Disks and portable drives. This is great for pedobaiting and identity theft and blackmail. Most people don’t give a fuck about e-information but for a skilled thief it’s GOLD. So, get those plus the victim won’t know what hit him and when they come back they will shit bricks and it will be too late to anything. You can’t trace and track HDD’s .

Leave the Laptops and go light. A good backpack can take care of things. Go for the money and bonds. Avoid jewellery unless you have a buyer but even that should be avoided. Again you won’t get much out of this but it will keep your ass saved for a while. Plus, you’re just starting. Time yourself and go over everything. If the victim has some girls, you can check their rooms for more dirt.

This is also a good place to plant something if want too. If you’re breaking in for spying and getting some dirt, consider bugging the girls PC and adding some hidden cams in her room. If the victim fucks her daughter he probably uses her room to do it.

Cashing out

Once your reach your place after dumping things… wait I think I missed that part. Nah, YOU DO NOT GO TO YOUR FUCKING HOUSE WITH THE FUCKING LOOT. Things can go wrong, someone might see you. Someone could rat you out. Drop the load in some storage place. And move on. Wait for the morning and act your daily routine. Yes, I know this is overkill but it’s a routine which can save your ass. Get the loot when you’re sure no one is bothering you and the place you raid is still undiscovered. Get the loot and move the cash to e-money. Avoid busting ATM cards etc. They get tracked. Move the cash to the bank or buy something BUT don’t go overboard. If you like dirt cheap and the next thing people see is a fucking Ferrari everyone will talk. Save the cash and just live. Moving money to the Internet gives you a place to invest the money without getting those people around you a bit jealous.

Once you hit three or four big ones. Move out. Don’t stick around. Move to some other place, get a job and start something. That will give you a good excuse to spend your money and oh btw add 25% in the bank. Keep the rest locked away.

When it comes to personal information you can blackmail the victim or just make a new identity using it. Also, you can sell those HDD on different websites or donate them if you need to clean yourself.

Things to remember:

  • Don’t be a hero.
  • Don’t be greedy.
  • Do NOT fucking trust anyone. Just trust yourself and protect your ass. If you’re fucking someone never show your good side to them. Protect yourself.
  • Don’t act dumb, plan and educate yourself.
  • When you’re in the field it’s all about survival, so it’s best if you prepare yourself mentally and physically.
  • Arm yourself with knife or gun but avoid them in normal runs.
  • Avoid areas with gangs. They can sniff you out easily.
  • Don’t target Ghetto areas, never.
  • Don’t target stores and avoid getting in CCTV camera too much.
  • Teach yourself new thing, learn to troll people and impersonate others.
  • When selecting a target ensure that the victims can recover from it, which means check if they have insurance. If you don’t hit them too hard and if the insurance overs everything, you get a clean card since only the police will be after you.
  • Respect karma, if you fuck someone you will get fucked in future.
  • Use these skills for survival. Only do this if you don’t have an alternative or you can’t get a job. Once you earn some cash start making a living.



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