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Abundance Mentality Development

““Riches are not to be constituted by an abundance of worldly goods, but from a content, healthy and happy mind.” ~ Aedonis Bravo”

An Abundance Mentality is one of the most understated and yet necessary pieces of life, as you enter your late teens it starts to become really evident but the later on in life it is, the more important and prominently featured it becomes. Going through life you need a healthy influx of “If this doesn’t work here it’ll work somewhere else,” and this applies to women, relationships with people, making money and many more topics. This serves as inspiration and help to create said Abundance Mentality Development in those that feel that the concept and adoption of such isn’t that clear or that simple to them.

Simply put?

You know when you’re trying to drum up the confidence to talk to a woman and you have those initial hesitations? That little battle in your head between the Angel and the Devil, featuring the Devil saying things along the lines of “Go on, stop doubting yourself you can get her, and even if not there are thousands of other women out there!”

He is VERY right.

This is what you need to understand. 

Whether big or small, short or tall, ugly or handsomethere is a plethora of women out there that you can have readily available to you all times.

Now this isn’t me promising to help you be some Alpha-Dudebro or anything of the sort, and I’m not promising to help you get ANY female you want. Don’t listen to anyone saying that such is possible – fact of the matter is it’s not. Not even the best of the most Alpha of the Dudebros that will sell you their overpriced pick up artist courses and met and greet club packages can pull it off. It’s a fact that they don’t want to alert you to in fear of breaking their veil of bullshit they pull over your eyes to convince you to believe them.

You can NOT get ANY female out there with even the most elite of pick up artist tricks or guides,


Because….. say it with me, Not All Women Want The Same Thing. It’s a simple fact that a women will establish whether she will sleep with you or not within seconds of meeting you, and unless certain circumstances occur or you change your mindset or physical stature, you’re stuck in that stage with them forever. Now I’ve already touched on how to deal with the 3 Levels of Female Interaction, but this post isn’t about dealing with that.

This guide is about dealing with the doubts. You know what I’m talking about, the ones that settle in the back of your head when you’re faced with a type of confrontation – usually trying to pick up women. You start doubting yourself and your confidence in yourself wavers. Instead of thinking (while simultaneously doing) “Hey I’m gonna go over there and strike up a conversation with that girl, get her back to my place and fuck her without getting her number,” you’ll run into self doubt and thoughts like “She’s really cute, she’s probably used to guys walking up to her and hitting on her all the time, what can I do differently that’ll make me stick out from the rest of them?” and by the time you’re done thinking the opportunity is gone. She’s walked away and you’re sitting there with your dick in your hand wondering “What If?”
A quote I’ve always found myself living by in life happens to be

I would rather life my life saying “Oh Well” than wondering” What If?”
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I find this has been one of the best factors in helping develop and stamp my Abundance Mentality and make it a habit of my mindset and not just  a feeling I force on myself – a trait found common among people for many different characteristics.
Developing an Abundance Mentality is a process, it is something you must experience to REALLY emboss into the core of your beliefs, that whatever happens in the situation, there are always more women, more friends, more opportunities to make money out there. 

There’s a technique I liked to use when I was first trying to develop an Abundance Mentality and really try to understand the concept of “If she rejects me, it’s not the end of the world!” I used to go to public places where I knew there were a lot of people (I.E the mall, supermarket, my college campus etc) and the purpose wasn’t even to pick up girls, the purpose was just to get out of my comfort zone. I ran a sort of social experiment that I advise you to try too, see how quickly it changes your mindset about the people around you and how you view yourself.

I would go around, and not even with any real ends but I would start conversation with people. Start it off with a “Hello, How’s your day going?” or “I really like *insert clothing item*, would you mind sharing where you got it from?” Now keep in mind that I personally am a 6’2″ Black male with tattoos all over my arms and on one hand (I don’t want to make it racial but whether you want to accept it or not, that has the potential to change how I would be viewed), and to my surprise at the time the results I got were largely positive. Most people were pleasant, happy and didn’t mind our conversation at all – they were honestly delighted some random person took interest in their day. Now there were those that were less than pleased, and even though I stated earlier my purpose wasn’t to go out and meet/try to pick up women – it did happen to be on my mind upon any encounter with an attractive woman. There were also those that were less than pleased I was ruining their perfect day with my presence, and let it be known too – and I was perfectly okay with that. I WANTED that.
It took me a while to realize, but rejection is one of the best and healthiest factors to developing an abundance mentality. Rejection does 2 Important things:

  1. Rejection makes you realize you are human, it keeps you from progressing to the point of believing you are some type of mental superhuman demigod that can bend any woman to his will and have her mind in the palm of their hand. Fact of the matter is, it’s not possible – and anyone who tells you so is lying. There is no secret trick out there to get ANY woman in your bed, ANY woman’s panties wet or anything of the sort. While these tactics may be derived around social science and as such may apply to a majority of women, it will not apply to all, and rejection healthily keeps that “God Complex” from forming and keeps you with an air of being down to earth.
  2. Rejection is important in strengthening your resolve and mental/internal fortitude. Fact of the matter is, no man likes rejection – and any man that tells you it doesn’t both him is most likely lying. He may not be torn up about it or let it ruin his day/dwell on it, but any rejection to a man is an assault to his psyche. However, with an Abundance Mentality this becomes a very slim and small affect on you as a whole. While someone without a developed AM might take rejection and sulk about it before trying to attempt his next target, one with an AM would have another target in his sights by the time any rejection is even sputtered.

Now understand once again, I’m not saying once you’ve developed an Abundance Mentality you can use it to go out there and get any woman you want, not at all – in all actuality you will not be able to seduce every woman you come across. However, an AM is understanding this mind frame, and understanding how to transform this into “Well if I cant get Hot Babe 8 over there, there’s HB9, HB8, HB8.2, HB9.5 and etc, etc, more. I’m getting one of them”. An Abundance Mentality is the key to the random pick up walking though the mall, at your favorite fast food place etc. When you’ve had enough experience in the field and you’ve seen enough times that rejection can occur, but more times than you think the person you approach is friendly and enjoys the attention, you realize just how important and useful an Abundance Mentality is dealing with women. That is one of the key points of this post I’d like to stress to you very much – none of this means anything without experience. I can preach to you until the cows come home about how to develop such a mindset, how there are plenty more women out there and etc etc, but you MUST go out there and see for yourself.

It is how you unlock that cunning side of you capable of the smooth talk to make a woman fall under your spell, how you unlock the bold side of you that isn’t scared to take charge, and knows how and when, the ruthless mindset that if Option A isn’t the possible option, there are 25 other letters in the Alphabet.

I encourage you all after reading this to try to basic Abundance Mentality Development techniques, even if you already consider yourself a pick up artist. Run a social experiment and see how comfortable/more comfortable you are talking to random people and interaction in public, and with progress and experience it will get easier tot he point where it becomes second nature. Once you get the Abundance Mentality downpact, you’re able to progress to the next step in your game and becoming the cunning, fearless pussy-getter you spent all your high school and college years yearning to be.

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