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Antenna Connectors

Antenna Connector

As you may well know there are many different types of RF connectors. These range from your basic TV antenna connector right up to connectors designed for high powered transmitters. In this guide I will go over a few different types of RF connector and where you are most likely to come across a certain type of connector

The “F” Connector

This connector is commonly used in satellite TV applications it has a 75 Ohm impedance and is well suited for digital TV systems and such. It attaches by simply screwing onto the socket

F connector:

Belling Lee Connector

You are probally famillar with this connector as it is the common tv aerial connector. It has a impedence close to 75 Ohms and does suffer from impedance mismatch between plug and socket. They are rare with modern digital TV receivers due to this fact. It attaches by simply sliding into its socket

Belling Lee connector :

BNC Connector

Commonly found on scanners and some CB transceivers it is available in both 50 and 75 Ohm variants, it is a bayonet type fitting and the connector fits by pushing on and turning half a turn clockwise till it latches into place

BNC connector :

“N” Connector

The “N” connector is commonly used with transmitters, especially on the UHF bands. it is also one of the only connector types able to carry microwave frequency signals. It finds use in homebrew long range WIFI setups. it simply screws onto its socket

N connector :

SMA Connector

The SMA connector is commonly found on WIFI equipment as it can handle frequencies up to 18 GHz. This connector has an impedance of 50 Ohms and can also be found in a reverse variant. The normal variant has a centre pin on the plug and a mating hole in the centre of the socket, however in the reverse variant the pin is in the socket and the mating hole is in the plug. they attach by simply screwing onto the socket

SMA connector :

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