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AOC Blames Trump’s “Racism” For Afghanistan Crisis

President Donald Trump, who eliminated ISIS and helped establish a strong Afghanistan, has been out of office for over 7 months yet President Joe Biden, members of the media and other radical-left Democrats are trying to blame him for President Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan.

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During an interview on MSNBC, radical-left congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed former President Trump’s “extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policies” played a role in the Afghanistan withdrawal disaster.

Far-left extremist and host Joy Reid said, “We used to have an annual ceiling of 231,000 people under Ronald Reagan. No moderate figure there. George W. Bush 70,000. Under President Obama, it was 85,000. Under Trump 15,000. We have had former members of the administration come forward and talk about Stephen Miller, eventual essentially waging rhetorical war against the idea of Afghans coming here. We have seen people on another network call them invaders…So there is another side of this. There is another side that doesn’t want any of them here. So do you think that the politics around bringing more people in are going to be challenged by that xenophobic attitude we are seeing play out?”

Ocasio-Cortez replied, “It is no secret that the Trump administration carried out extremely xenophobic and racist immigration policies. When we look at the turmoil of what is happening now, one of the questions we have to ask as well — Afghanistan is a responsibility and that falls upon the shoulders of virtually every president since George W. Bush. One of the things we see, what was the Trump administration doing when they were not pre-evacuating out under the SIV program, these Afghan interpreters and nationals and allies? It is because of Stephen Miller and his rhetoric and the xenophobia of the Trump administration that there were many thousands of Afghans we could have worked on evacuating much earlier than even this year.”

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