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    Night of 12/10/2011
    I went to bed early again after a binge with Tordek the previous day and a shitty 2 minute talk at the Hospital.

    I woke up after a few hours and went for a cigarette outside, spoke to an old friend and went back to bed. This is where things got good.

    It began driving in a bus around the side of a mountain, you know on one of those roads which look like they are made to die on. Anyway, my friend I called was sitting next to me and the bus went off the edge of the mountain. We fell for what felt like forever and I remember saying I loved him and thanked him for supporting me throughout my life.
    We hit the water. I vividly recall thinking "should I undo the seatbelt before or after we hit the water?". We survived the fall and swam for the shore. I don't recall looking back, but considering the fall, I was surprised we were still alive.

    We were in Central Europe and wanted to get home. After hiking through Austria we got to Germany and stayed the night in a University dorm. My ex was there. But instead of being a dick to eachother, we had something to eat in a courtyard and got on. Old friends were there and we had a catch up.
    The time came to get on a ferry and go back to the UK. I decided to bring back a load of contraband which we used on the ferry. We took some acid and for a brief part of the dream the faces of everything was blurred and morphed. We got to a playpen and had a slush puppy. Things were proper fear and loathing.

    We got back to the UK, and I got majorly screwed over for bringing 1 pack of duty-free tobacco back. The sniffer dogs didn't pick up on the firecrackers and weapons - but they did with the tobacco. Odd.
    My Army mate picked us up in a car where there were toilets in the seats. It was pretty awesome and the car was rainbow colours. We sped round corners while I was still tripping and after stopping off a few times, we got home. Just as I opened the door, I woke up.
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    Night of the 17/10/2011

    It was quite a short dream. All I can recall was having to get back from a foreign land and go through some Afghan-like Nation where we used to live. However only my Nan lives in the house now.
    We were all in the kitchen - the family - and outside we hear "Allah'u Achbar!" and see a load of white people get shot to shit.

    Now IRL I know my Dad has been doing a load of DIY work on the house, and in the dream we basically lived in the attic. There was a bed, PS3, toilet and the like. Proper Anne Frank style.
    Anyway, we escaped and got to Paris where I had to find a toilet to really take a shit in, but there weren't any anywhere. Eventually I found one and was pretty damn relieved. White. Pristine. But smelt like a rotting bin, and as I exited my alarm went off.

    Cannot tell you how weird my dreams have been lately.
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    November 26th, 2011

    Fucking hell, I've been playing way too much TF2 lately apparently. When it starts appearing in your dreams, you should probably get worried... (He says, while editing replays on TF2).

    I'm not sure where my dream started, but the first thing I recall is being in a cartoon-style world (like TF2). I saw a red spy standing next to me, and he disguised up as a Blu guy. I jumped on his back (no homo) and started ringing a little bell, pretending to be a housemaid or something. His disguise must have been a Blu housemaid :facepalm: Anyway, we went through a set of large double doors and into a huge hall, like something you'd see in a castle. Inside were the Blu team, and we walked past them slowly as they all stared at us. We passed a guy to whom I said "Hey man, nice hat". He looked flattered, and tipped the peak toward me in a polite gesture. We eventually reached the center of the huge hall, and we stopped next to a massive table full of food. A feast for a king, by the looks of it. I jumped off the spy's back, and he dropped his disguise.

    Hell broke loose. Between us, we flipped the large table over causing food and cutlery/glasses to go flying all over the place. The Blu team were shocked and equally stunned - we had the edge in this situation. We started beating the shit out of everyone in the room, but soon enough, a hench guy walked over (presumably the heavy, although he didn't look like him) and picked me up with ease. Throwing me into a stack of chairs across the room, I reminded myself that it was "just a fake set of chairs". Lucidity / dream control FTW - sure enough, the chairs all smashed beneath me and I wasn't injured. However, I stood up and must have been knocked out straight away...

    I awoke in a daze. I was in the same room, although the situation was quiet now. There was no fighting, no nothing - just peace and quiet. I looked to my left and saw a really hot girl standing there (wtf?). She told me to do something (I don't remember what it was), but I refused unless she came with me. When she questioned why, my lame excuse was simply; "Because you're hot".

    The dream changed at this point. I ended up in a house which was falling apart, and I think we must have been fighting in there again or something. I opened a door into a bedroom, and the opposite wall had collapsed completely, leaving a very unstable floor. I kept to the edge, but after ANOTHER fight with someone, sent them crashing through and landing on their back on the cold concrete below.

    Fuck knows what happened next - I think I had another lucid dream about walking along the coast of England :facepalm:
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    Sounds interesting. Most recent fragment I can remember from last night was getting shot at by someone but I was either lucid or otherwise knew I was dreaming* because I didn't make any attempt to evade the bullets. I knew they wouldn't hurt me. Slowly I walked towards my assailant and basically went "God mode" on him. I rose into the air, suspended myself about 20 feet up, then sort of brought him up into the air as well and made his body burst apart, killing him. Flying, stopping projectiles coming at me, and "force powers" are all pretty common. If I can visualize it in my mind, it's a power in my dreams and to be honest, I'm quite violent with them.

    * - Not really a lucid dream. Sometimes I seem to be aware that the rules are different but it's almost like the waking world and dream world are both quite real to my mind and so I automatically can tell things are different but I don't really think "Oh I'm dreaming, cool" it's just a fact of life seemingly that sometimes I am an invincible force that can do whatever I want. Strange, when I think about it.
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    I had a nap today, from 6pm to 9pm on 27th November and I was listening to the Modern Myth Prodctions "We are alive" audiobook, so never truly fell asleep, hence the lucid dream. I remember standing on a road and hopping on a 150cc bike, driving down a road that led to a part of my Town at home. I then saw an open door, leant in and went through an armoury, resulting in a GTA style rampage, and I could change weapon/vehicle as and when I wanted to. The fact I was concious of it was amazing. Quad bike, motorbike, was all good.

    The second nap I had which is why I intend on staying up all night to get work done, essentially ended in my becoming a Member of a Parliament which was fighting for Faction power, and I was praised by many for bringing much-needed reforms and gaining popularity.
    However, the entire thing soon turned into a film, as I was caught on a bridge in the rain as the Motley Crue were finding me (Velociraptor in the Kitchen, Jurrasic Park style) with a rifle and rockets, but at the last minute, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost turned up. As I was crawling for my life, they walked onto the bridge from an edge and took the shots, surviving and threw a skateboard at Motley crue, allowing me to jump off into the ravine and wake up.

    Abso-fucking-lutely mental.
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    My dream last night saw me arguing with some guy in the street. I think we were both police officers, and it must have been set in the 60's or something as the vehicles were very old looking. I just say "Want me to drive?", and he throws me the keys. We hop in the car, and I can't drive for shit. In fact, I was doing everything correctly but the car was just fucked up. The brakes didn't work, and I couldn't steer because it was like driving on ice :facepalm: This almost always happens whenever I drive a car in a dream - I have to be very lucky for everything to work as it should :(
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    Concert With Marilyn Manson - Nov 12th 2011
    i was in the back of a little shit box car and Marilyn Manson and his girlfriend were in the front and we were in the parking lot for some type of concert. I was getting ready and they were smoking joints or something outside of the car. While they were pre-occupied i was in the car taking off some wigs, deciding which ones to wear and decided they both looked stupid and left them in the car. There was also this rainbow coloured, fluffy overcoat which I also decided to leave in the car. At one point I'm pretty sure Manson was drinking bong water with a straw and offered me some to which i politely declined. Then we headed over to the entrance. As we were walking over i just said to Manson, "I can't believe I'm actually here with you, I'm a massive fan!" He just smiled. We walked in and the crowd was really small I then realised i had no idea what the concert was. I thought it would have been some kind of rock concert.

    I then spotted a doppelganger of Manson in one of his estranged costumes and then moments later i spotted another one, in a different costume again. Was i about to watch Manson perform for Manson? We sat down and the curtains drew, there was a morbidly obese man playing harmonicas, but for every note he would take a new harmonica out of the bag sitting next to him and play it. I figured it was a comedy show of some sort. The next guy was putting balls of flour into a cone piece and just blowing them at people so they got hit with a wad of flour. When he tried hitting me it flew above my head and i smashed it with my hands and the flour went over everyone surrounding me. We all began to leave I guess it was over.

    I'm not very good at deciphering my dreams but it was definitely cool/weird as fuck and I had it around the time I had been experimenting with Lucid dreaming and astral projection.
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    Basically I walked into a shopping mall, then i seen a liquor store so I when inside. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and started drinking it. The female cashier started to yell at me so I threw the half full bottle at her head. I then fled the shop and went into a store that was being worked on. inside was only one man he seen the guards coming and told me to fuck off so I threw a power drill at his face, he then threw a nail gun at me so I picked it up and shot him dead. Some guards came into the store, I shot one dead then they began to beat me with truncheons.

    then I woke up. I dont know wtf happend, not my weirdest dream to date.
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    Ok, any advice would be great here. As I am having surgery tomorrow I am literally shitting bricks.

    I had a crap nights sleep last night. Spent about 5 hours watching TV and nodding off for small amounts of time downstairs.
    I came back to my room and had a full hour of sleep, but here's where things got...a bit fucked.

    I was in my local town, in a cobbled, small house (a corner house, so the shape isn't like a 90 degree wall). Against the inside wall was a bench and so people can sit across the bench against the wall or like me, opposite the wall.
    There were loads of people there. People I had met in my past, and huge, gigantic bags of fresh smelling buds. The best ganja I had ever seen in a dream.Literally, hessian sacks full of it.

    Then the weirdness kicks in.

    Opposite where I was sitting, all the girls I had fucked over began to appear. Texting their new guys on their phones. There was the Polish one totally ignoring me except for the odd smirk and suddenly, to my right, a guy, almost an intermediary, appeared. A cross between a ghost of my past/future and a skinny white Rasta dude. He tried to make conversation with them, but to no avail.
    So along the first one went.
    Up next was my recent ex, the stoner one, and I went to offer her a spliff, but got turned away, something along the lines of "Why now, RemadE? Look what you did to me" and she faded away.
    This went on for what seemed like forever, and the dream ended after about 10 people whom I had loved and lost just came in, then went outside to disappear (the model I used to see, the nurse I got with, the friend of my ex, friends from College, people I had to let go because of personal security wanting to know why I never responded to them). You get the picture.
    I woke up knowing I have surgery tomorrow. Quite major surgery (resection on my gut) and I am shitting it. It seemed to me, to be like the warning (almost like the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future) mixed with my life flashing before my eyes.
    So yes, I woke up crying like a bitch but got into the shower and started questioning things. If anyone has any dream advice that'd be great because I'm stuck. And insanely worried.

    Also these songs were playing in the dream - and I've not heard them in a LONG time:

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    Had a crazy one last night. All true -

    TDR was something of a God, and we hunted for precious metals and minerals with him high in the mountains. A firefight ensued and he was killed, and his spirit made the World a better place.

    I woke up confused as shit.
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    I had a dream I was being chase by some indigenous people, we were both in cars and My friends and I managed to out smart them causing them to crash. The chase changed to being on foot, but we got captured. They were holding us in a small building. When suddenly a huge gun fight started! (cant remember if it was the authorities or some friends of mine) So I climbed out a window and some fat fuck started chasing me, I knocked him to the ground with a piece of 2X4 and started kicked him in the guts, to little effect. He was a truly fat cunt, his body wobbled like a plate of jelly. Any so a hacked his skull open with a claw hammer :)
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