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  • How very nice how to. I have done and do it when I have to but I prefer to have someone else do it because I really dont car for it. And I never jack the car up. I just get something under it to catch the oil and reach under and do it all. And then I have no added work to do. I dont do much under the car. I am not…
  • How way to be bold as hell.
  • Haha man this is hilarious. Whats up with the guy they picked for the image. He looks like he is going to kill himself. Well I guess he is a one man Accapella group so suicide is in order.
  • Yeah i only go on this forum but I lurk on others to find information.
    in User names Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • Yeah i knew that because on this other one I was on it said location denmark. So I was pretty certain it wasnt you.
    in User names Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • See now that is a completely reasonable response. Just to be creative.
    in User names Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • Haha yeah I have actually had it professionally cooked once and it wasnt awful. I mean I didnt hate it. I just wont cook it for myself is all. I am just to big of a meat fan. How I am still skinny as fuck is beyond me.
  • As long as tofu is ground up and mixed in small amounts in things I can do it. Otherwise it tastes like soggy noodles which I cant do. I love to cook and I love the tastes you can get into the meats that you cant get in anything else.
  • No offense to anyone that does secure there name and information because I have no hate for people who hide there shit. I am just saying.
    in User names Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • Yeah i spose there are a few people on here like that. Oh and then there is the people who talk about everything illegal that are paranoid the cops are going to get them... through totse???? they should be watching what they do off the internet not on it if there that paranoid. Just saying.
    in User names Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • I am not against eating healthy but I need meat. I cant eat anything unless there is meat in it. Makes it difficult to eat healthy.
  • haha wow buddha you globviously are not one of the paranoid ones. I am not so much paranoid. I think I even have my address somewhere on here. names Thales and I live in WI, USA thats no secret but yeah I think most people on here literally think that they are going to get raped or arrested which is about impossible.
    in User names Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • Damn dude I didnt even notice this post. Sorry I stole your comment with the nigger rat. Just pretend it didnt happen.
  • Oh yeah and seems to be some sort of nigger rat. dressed as Vader.
  • Haha you are the first person to catch that. We watched a vid about Jarkov in high school and the fact that anyone would name anything like that made me laugh. And I kept it this whole time. But changed the spelling slightly lol.
  • haha nice man same as me. I like to kow because then I know when I find someone on a site that it is prolly a fello totsean. Thats why i made this thread. I am sure there are many people who wont even reveal this information.
    in User names Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • Has a douche pickchar. Haha just messing all of them turned out great including yours. I just coulnt think of anything bad to say about you.
  • There is a place like that except a lot smaller and is like a railroad bridge or some shit that has a lot of stuff like that right outside of stillwater MN that me and some friends used to go to.
  • Yeah I dont have internet and live in the country. Which makes it hard to piggyback off the neighbors. But I still do on my sexbox. They must have some seriously kick ass internet because with close to know connection I still get no lag game play. However, I can only connect at night when there not using it and have no…
  • Haha way to bump it after this long. I havent been out drinking with friends sense school ended. Minus last weekend but that doesnt count because there wasnt enough alcohol to even get a buzz and I had to quit before five. This weekend I will be chilling with iceeweiner. Maybe find some alcohol.
  • ^Cant keep up with the posters
  • ^Licked asshole of OP while he tied the bow to make it more relaxing for OP
  • All I can say is this :fap: :fap: :fap: I dont know if I can control myself
  • *cough* kiss ass *cough* haha just fibbin mang
  • That is the easiest way to look at it for me, but yeah I only have a couple major fears and that is the fear of death which is shitty because it makes you paranoid of everything. But in my opinion once you get old and are either sick or weak death is an escape. I am not the most athletic kid but I play every sport that…
  • Haha you rhymed. And yeah she is hot but damn I would never listen to her outside of making fun of what she does.
  • I just want them to make a 7 and 8 remake. I know the story and what not but I have never played em. But I want to so bad because the story sounds amazing and I hear that they are the best but I just cant get passed the graphics.
  • Haha wow dream job. To bad the closest porn shop to my town is like 70 miles away.
  • Fuck me with a ladle.
  • I havent trolled anywhere sense I called into CSPAN like forever ago. But I spose every here or there I get some easy ones on jewtube. But only every once and awhile.
  • Agreed. Titties needed. But we didnt get them in the sexual attractiveness thread and I doubt that we will get them here. Pics are in that thread I am not reposting them.
  • Yeah you have to realize that most of us cant afford to own a computer even half as nice as that. What is evidently a piece of shit do you would be amazing for me. If you dont want it I can take it off your hands.
  • Well then go get some. And then you can get some dairy queen afterwards.
  • I use the radio only while i drive and that is only because I cant afford my own mp3 player but yeah i totally agree even the channels that used to be good just have shitty music that everyone else but us likes
  • WTF It is hard to believe how incredibly dumb cops can be sometimes. I mean how bored do they have to be to shut down a kids lemonade stand. I mean seriousness this is both funny and incredibly pathetic.
  • Yeah why are there never titties. We need to post information for the totse address at like the playboy site and some shit. We could even make a topic just for them. Show us your titties we will call it. Anyways i have a picture in sexual attractiveness and I wish I never posted it. you can find me there.
  • I do miss the old the,me style greatly but sense we are already here and have the option to have many themes can we have a dark theme as well. Each person can choose his own theme so it would be cool. Also there has got to be a way to get a look alike to the old theme we just got to look really hard.
    in VB4 Upgrade Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • No I am sure he liked it pretty damn much.
  • Those words are soken true. Each person finds each browser to be better suited for him/her just like some people like macs and some like pc's. Everything has many choices and there are always people that are better suited for others. My only question is the same as the quoter below. I dont even notice a difference. See…
  • Meet me behind the DQ at midnight. i will show you the way.
  • This. This is like words right out of my mouth.
  • Yeah man. I guess I never really notice unless somebody says something. But don't worry. America is fucking up and one of our states governments just shut down. How the hell does that even happen. Anyways I don't have a rig. I have to use my phone. It is slow and shity. But it works. Even at American pricing jobs are…
  • When you change the theme to mobile no text overlaps. At least on my phone but I have an htc sensation with a huge screen (that if I don't root and destroy fucking htc sense now I will throw at a wall) but the posting is fucked up on mobile. Oh and speaking of sense is there a thread on it. Because I may start one. Most…
    in VB4 Upgrade Comment by jarkof July 2011
  • So it's like the pointless difference between limewire and frostwire similarity. I don't know I really don't see a difference. It seems like a pointless waste of resources, time, and server space.
  • I don't understand why Mozilla would have another project. Oh and yeah Mozilla used to be amazing. Now it's mostly the name, personalization, and adds that keep it going. They try to move to fast with it and because of which it is buggy. Only reason I stay up to date is to see if they fix it and because the sync feature is…
  • that makes a hell of a lot more sense. sorry that was simply a distasteful assumption that you were buying things directly. so I was basing it of my own knowledge of what things cost near me. and that made no sense. but know I get it. sorry to jump to conclusions.
  • I have actually never heard of it. Which is odd I thought I have messed with all browsers. I am going to be checking it out as soon as I can.
  • Chalupa with the facts. But so true. It sucks that so many people have such a misconception of diet drinks and thinks that they can eat and drink the way they do as long as it's low fat and diet. When in fact you are usually worse off with the diets and stuff of that sort.
  • So I could post my post and make it make sense.
  • I would go with murder/suicide before her parents do to you what happened to the testicles of that guy above.