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Create and Upload a Torrent With uTorrent & TPB

How to make a Torrent and upload it.

Torrenting is a very useful thing to know, simply because of the amount of data shared and the ability to quickly rapidly distribute it from many sources.
In order to make a torrent you will need:

  • uTorrent (latest release is best, whatever it is at this time)
  • A file you want to share
  • An account on ThePirateBay (I will explain why)
  • Optional: TOR connection.

Place the file you wish to share (in this case, “Channel Terror”) into a folder that you will keep in the same place for a while. In short: Logically store the file in a folder that won’t be disturbed for a while. This means you won’t fuck it up while seeding, as there are a helluva lot of leeches out there. You will need to seed for at least a few weeks.
It is advised to have a .txt file with the details in, either Video details such as framerate etc, or tracklists. This just gives a bit of information to those downloading your file.

1) Fire up uTorrent.
2) Click the “create new Torrent” button (as can be seen below)

3) You will be presented with the following window, and select your file/directory [folder] [step 1] with included file in the explorer window.


A file is obviously a single file (.avi/.mp3/.zip/.rar/etc) or you can upload an entire directory/folder with multiple files/folders in. That is what I will be doing in this case.

4) Now you will have this window [step 2]. Here you can add Trackers and adjust settings. The list of Trackers I use [among others] are as follows:





5) Once you have selected your file/directory and pasted in the trackers, click on “Create and save as”, then save the Torrent a dedicated .torrent folder, just for ease.

6) Then just click “Close” and return to uTorrent.
You are now Seeding this file. Feel free to add a label to it so you know, in your list of torrents, that it’s yours and thus don’t stop seeding.

To add a label.

  • Find your Torrent in uTorrent.
  • Right click it.
  • Select “Label”
  • Then “New Label”
  • Name it “Mine” or something so you know it’s yours.
  • Apply that label to the Torrent.


Now to upload it to a website.

7) Make an account at ThePirateBay, use TOR if you are that paranoid.

8) Click on “Upload Torrent” at the bottom of the page:

9) You will then be greeted with this screen:

10) Firstly, upload your .torrent file. Easy enough. Remember where you put it?
The IMDB code is if you are uploading a movie/TV show which is on IMDB and will give more info to those who are downloading your file.


11) Then type your torrent name as how you wish for it to look when someone finds it.

12) The BAYimg code is as follows. Click on the BAYimg link on the TPB upload page, and you will see this screen. Fill it all in with a tag and your own removal code.
After that, click “Settings” and it is IMPERATIVE that you select the 300 x 300 option which is the TPB setting.

Then do as so:

13) Then fill out the rest in an accurate manner.

14) Fill in the Captcha and you are done.

15) Sit back and marvel at your creation.


  • The Pirate Bay tends to lock accounts if you upload multiple files quickly, as they think you are a bot. Upload at max, 2 files a day.
  • The more torrent info, the better.
  • Your torrent will be indexed by webcrawling sites, that will make copies and host it on the wider web, so your Torrent activity will shoot up after a week or so if it proves popular.
  • Seed for at least 2 weeks. Alternatively, keep it at a low-level bandwidth and seed indefinately.
  • Be a member of the community @ http://forum.suprbay.org/
    This is helpful, as you can ask for your Torrent hashes to be cleared if TPB lock or disable your account. You have to reupload all your torrent files, but if they are the same, they are usually blocked. You can request help to remedy this at the above link.
  • Learn more. Always.

v 1.0
[Download as .txt file]

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