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Dual/Triple Display Using Two GPU’s (Onboard/ PEG / PCI) Simultaneously

I am using an Nvida 8500GT, due to overheating the DVI port wouldn’t work correctly. The GPU has two display paths and one of them has an internal malfunction because of which I can’t get the color Red to display. Basically it outputs BG instead of RGB.

Today while trying to fix Hard Disk issue I decided try something simple. I went into my Integrated Perpherical settings and under Video I selected Always on.
dual display

I am using Intel 965 Express Chipset and a PCI-Express Graphic card. Enabling always on will fire up both the chipsets.

After that just connect monitors and fire up Windows 7. Once booted Windows will start installing Graphic drivers.

Then goto Screen Resolution,
dual display
Press Detect and then set the primary display.
dual display

After that click on Extend These Displays and you’re done.

dual display

You may have issues configuring things but if you’re facing the same shitty problem as me, this is an ideal solution. Not all motherboards support this.

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