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Equality in Relationships is A Myth

Life in the Western world has been getting significantly easier for years and years now. Now, rather than going out and hunting for your food or having to grown whatever you needed, you just pop on over to the grocery store and buy whatever you need, or, if you’re one of the masses for whom discipline is an unknown, you head to your nearest fast-food joint and order the Triple-Bypass Burger with Extra Large Heart Disease.

With ease, of course, comes softness. Men are becoming more and more feminised, allowing themselves to abide by philosophies that seek to demonise them at every turn while still extracting the maximum resources from them.

One of the enduring myths that have arisen in this feminised society is that relationships should be equal. You and the woman should always be on level ground, engaging on equal footing. This is false.

Here is the crux of it: If you and your woman are equal, then she has the upper hand. There is no such thing as equality in relationships. Someone must always be leading, whether by default or by selection. This branch of thinking that advocates for equality is the same that has ruined parenting and produced entitled brats who can’t even handle having someone disagree with them without descending into fits of emotional breakdown.

Equality is pushed as part of the agenda to bring men down. Tell me of one alpha you know, a single man who lives on his edge, who has what can be described as equal, or who is led in his personal life by his wife. The fact of the matter is that if you’re living to your fullest, expending yourself daily in pursuit of your mission, that dedication to control and steering the ship extends outward. No man who is truly in control of his life would ever cede emotional hegemony to a woman. Women are fundamentally regulated by emotion, which means that every decision and play that’s made in the relationship is carried out to shore up her feelings and validate her emotions.

If you seek equality within your relationship, you’re giving up your status. A vast number men have gone so soft–even here–that they delude themselves into thinking that a woman’s leadership would make them happy. These are the men who date “confident, sex-positive women” and cucked to kingdom come because the woman has no sense of regard for them nor any respect at all.

So-called equality makes exactly no one happy. When a man leads, he not only fulfills his imperative as a creator, but he also activates the core impulses in a woman that demand she find a man who is capable of caring for her and her offspring. Why would a woman ever give herself to someone who expects her to carry the slack of the relationship and be the one who steers it?

Someone is always leading in relationships. It had damn sure better be you.



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