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Force HTTPS with Firefox using HTTPS-Everywhere

Like me, I imagine some users here browse &T on their College or High School networks. Unfortunately for me, I know for a fact people sniff my network with Wireshark, Ettercap and URLsnarf. I’m one of them. It’s not the URL I’m worried about, but rather everything else hence me using this add on. I also added in a custom filter for our beloved &T so you can add it in.

You will need:

  • Latest version of Firefox (I am using 3.6.13 as I type)
  • HTTPS-Everywhere (link)
  • 5 minutes

Let’s get started!

1) Right, you’re already using Firefox as you are reading this. Click on the link and install the .xpi file. Don’t restart Firefox just yet. Close it instead.

2) Copy and paste this code into notepad

  <ruleset name="&ToTSE">
  <target host="www.totse.info" />
  <target host="totse.info" />

  <rule from="^http://(www\.)?totse\.info/" to="https://totse.info/"/>

Basically all this does is take any subdomain of &T and force it to adopt the HTTPS rule.

3) Save as whateveryouwish.xml – Remember the .XML! NOT .txt

The save location is in your Firefox Profile folder. In XP or 2000 do this:

Start Menu Run

In Vista or 7, do this:

0x184att.default Vista

4) Start up Firefox again. Click on Tools -> Add Ons -> HTTPS-Everywhere -> Options and select the sites you wish to use HTTPS on. &T is not on there, but is enforced.

HTTPS Everywhere Preferences

Any questions, just ask. This of course, can be used for other websites. Just modify the code. 

Discuss http://www.totse.info/bbs/showthread.php?t=10905

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