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Former US Women’s Soccer Team Member: “Megan Rapinoe would almost bully players into kneeling” For National Anthem

After the U.S. Women’s US Soccer team lost to Canada, something weird happened on social media—Americans cheered.

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One former US Women’s Soccer player, goalie Hope Solo, is not going to sit back and allow one radical, woke player to ruin the reputation of all the players on the women’s soccer team over her anti-American stance—she is speaking out.

According to Solo, social justice warrior Megan Rapino didn’t simply express her anti-American opinions on the team; she actually bullied other players into joining her on bended knee to protest the US National Anthem.

“I think the rhetoric surrounding this team has been both divisive and inclusive. I guess it’s kind of where we are in politics in this day and age,” former USWNT goalkeeper Hope Solo told Goal on All of Us: The U.S. Women’s Soccer Show.

“I think the kneeling thing can be very divisive,” Solo added. “I’ve seen Megan Rapinoe almost bully players into kneeling because she really wants to stand up for something in her particular way.”

Watch Black and White Sports host brilliantly break down the reason the women’s US Soccer team lost and why woke Megan Rapinoe is one of the most unlikeable people in sports:

The woke US Men’s basketball team didn’t fare much better with fans. Here are just a few tweets celebrating their loss early on in the games:

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There are lessons to be learned here for sure, but unfortunately, many of these woke athletes are learning them too late—if you don’t believe me, ask Colin Kaepernick.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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