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Going a little “nice guy” AFTER you’ve slept with a girl is actually a great way to screen out crazy.

In my younger and dumber days, I noticed that after I hooked up with a certain type of girl (i.e. girls from clubs, or drama queen “bad girl” types in general) if I later asked them out on some boring regular date, they would mostly disappear. A long time later, I learned how to keep those plates spinning if I wanted to (basically all the stuff you guys talk about on here).

But these days I’m lazy af when it comes to women and I find that dealing with crazy and/or going out with women who are only marginally into you is always way more hassle than it’s worth. Also, I think you need a different tact if you actually want a healthy, happy relationship.

So, if I’m looking for a relationship, what I do is simple: After I sleep with a girl, I’ll be a little overly nice on purpose just to see how she reacts. I think the terms alpha and beta are kind of stupid, but in pua speak, I’ll go just a little beta. I’ll compliment her in some overly romantic way or I’ll call her very soon after. Or maybe I’ll ask her out on a standard movie dinner date. And in my experience this works great.

The girls who weren’t that into you in the first place and were looking for an out will take it. The player types who hate normal dating will disappear. The psychos who can’t handle any positive attention from guys and the drama queens who need constant tension will vanish in a hurry.


The normal girls – i.e. undamaged, drama free, good family, etc. – who are really into you will roll with this even if they find it a little awkward or romantic is not their usual style. And the sweetheart romantic types… Well they will respond overwhelmingly positively. And from there, if that’s what you want, boom, instant nice, non-crazy girlfriend.

And, on a related point, for those of you who insist that being a nice guy is “weak” I will say this: If “maintaining your alpha frame” 24-7 is that important to you, the drama queen in your relationships is you. Learning some game is great and necessary, but after you’ve done that, you have to know when to apply it. You can’t stay constantly “alpha” over the course of months and months with a relationship oriented girl. If you try, you will either (a) eventually make her think you’re a douchebag or (b) slowly turn a happy girl into damaged goods with trust issues. I’m telling you, if you want a girlfriend, relax with the “I must be alpha all the time!!!” mindset. A little nice works great with nice girls.



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