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How to Catch Anonymous Users and Take Down Anonymous Networks

Work in progress guide, I was talking a shit and then it hit me.

I was always curious how Anonymous gets attacked by Feds. So, after taking my time on the poop seat and I finally got an idea. This How-To basically helps Feds and other agencies to track down anonymous users and kill them.

I am not a computer wizard but I do make porn videos and I guess that’s wizardry enough when it comes to Anonymous. To catch a prey like anonymous you must become one with nature and CP/JB. You should daily get up and watch girls with small tits jumping up and down. You must visit different websites like stickam. In reality, to catch anonymous with their pants down and dicks up their loose buttholes you need to become an Internet faggot with basically no life.

You need to register tons of accounts. I mean from Facebook to twitter. You need to suck their cocks and most of all you need to be active. The best way to get in their groups is to lead a campaign or help them in some project. For example, they want to raid a blog etc. You just join with them and notify the blog owner about it and then ask him to cooperate and let you take things down. Sure you will need to convince him but if works you will see your tag on that etc page and all the kidiots would be like OMG l33t.

The other method is to become a worker. You do some raids and then you can easily track users based on the pattern. Anonymous have ring of selected members leading the raids. You just need to filter out the noise. Text patterns and small tags should be your aim.

I mean if they do a lulz raid the chances are most of them will slip up.

Another method you can try is to incite butthurtness. Anonymous is group with random people and people hate each other. You just troll them by pointing fingers and soon enough people will join in. This will then result in a massive butthurt competition.

Using this chance you check all the IRC channels. You log everything. You don’t idle in them otherwise you will get kicked. Instead just join channels and make new friends.

The next obvious step is tracing them. this is easy, wait for someone to D0X them and then check their profiles, use Google Cache or Internet Time Machine. Your best bet would be to track their accounts on various forums. Like you found a comment somewhere that some dude is building a water cannon. You then do a Google for blogs. And I am sure you will get some hits or you will find out more posts about that guy. The people who’re talking about him are in fact Anonymous members.

Find the most active users, become their friends, find out more about them. It helps if you have a stash of JB or CP or if you have fake videos of your sister doing naughty stuff to you. Trust me with that bait they will come to you and become your best friends.

This is just a start, I call this my brain fart. All these methods listed are valid and hell are unique in their own way. I am not sure if the feds can try them but hey at least you guys know how badly I can fuck things up .


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