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How to Ingest Pills Intravenously

How to:
Ingest Pills Intravenously
Intravenous use of pills

So you’re ready to take the leap into intravenous ingestion of pills. First things first, this can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What you will need:

  • Pill
  • Small metal basin (bottom of a soda can, spoon)
  • Syringe (your best bet is a 1cc allergy syringe)
  • Water
  • Filter (cotton from a qtip or unused cigarette works well)
  • Fire (preferably from a lighter, candles work, avoid matches)
  • Paper (nothing too thin)
  • Hard, flat surface
  • Hard object (not a penis)
  • Small Razor (no required but recommended)
  • Belt (any long chord will do as long as its durable)

Step 1: Research
Play it safe. Before doing anything make sure that you know exactly what you are going to be shooting up. You don’t want to overdose so research the pill. You want to know exactly how many milligrams there are and what your drug of choice will do to you considering the kind of high you will get and especially the come-down. Do your research! When you are confident about what you know and your safety with it you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: The Pill
Take your pill and break it as much as you want over the paper so that you don’t lose any. Now fold the paper securely with the broken pieces inside. Make sure it is a secure fold so that no powder or pill pieces can escape. Now place the folded paper on your hard surface and use your hard object to pulverize the pill inside. Be careful not to rip the paper and spill its contents. Continue to do this until the pill is broken down to a fine powder, as fine as you can manage. It isn’t necessary but you may want to use a small razor to chop up the powder.

Step 3: Cooking

Set the paper aside for now. Take your syringe and fill it up with water. Empty that water into your basin(if you are using a spoon you need to bend the spoon so that it will rest on the flat surface without spilling). Take another .5cc and add this to the basin because you’re about to simmer your pill and much of the water will turn to steam. One your basin is filled with water unfold the paper carefully, leaving one crease and pour its contents into the water. Now carefully and steadily hold the basin over a candle or an ignited lighter. In a moment the brew will come to a simmer. You may want to stir it a little which is okay but not necessary. Don’t boil your mixture or it will start popping and you will lose much of it. It shouldn’t take any longer than 20 seconds depending on the thickness of the metal basin. Once finished simmering slowly and carefully place the basin on the flat surface. You’re ready for the final step.

Step 4: Clean Injection
You’ve almost got everything ready. It is time for the filter. Simply place your cotton filter into the basin so that it soaks up a majority of the liquid. If you are using a clean cigarette cotton you should rip it in half first. If you are a q-tip take the cotton off both ends and mesh it together. You don’t want a big filter. Half the size of the basin is too big. Now pierce the needle of the syringe into the filter and draw. Certain pills will cause the liquid to draw slowly but do not get discouraged. Once you have filled your syringe set it aside. Loop your belt (or tie your chord) around the upper part of your arm, where your bicep is. Tie it very tightly so that your veins are poking out. Make the hand of that arm into a fist and pull it forward a few times if you can’t see your veins. After this if you still can’t see them… good luck. There is a very prominent vein on your arm at the crease of your elbow. This is the same vein that doctors use for setting an IV. This vein is your best and safest bet. Take the syringe and push the needle tip into this vein carefully. You want to come at it from an angle so that the needle doesn’t just puncture through but instead enters the vein. You will likely hear/feel a second pop when you have succeeded. If you think you have it in draw a little into the syringe. When you do this if you draw blood then you’re good to go, if not then try again. You may not want several needle marks on your arm so if you don’t get it right the first time you can wriggle the needle around without removing it and try to catch the vein. Once you are sure you have the needle in remove your belt (chord) and push in the plunger. Now just sit back and relax as you enjoy your instantaneous intravenous high.

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